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    • Apr 14, 2017
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    Derma Essence Cream

    Thieves. Do not buy.

    I too ordered a sample of the aging cream and eye serum. I was to be charged only for shipping ($4.95 and $1.99). Once I received the samples, I immediately called the toll free number and told the operator to cancel any future shipments of the product.

    Since I made the call and was assured by the operator that I would not receive any future product, I put the transaction out of my mind. Later that same month, I received two boxes of product. Again I called and was told it was a mistake. The operator told me to keep the boxes as a gift for any inconvenience. I never opened the boxes. The next month I again received merchandise. This went on for three months.

    Today, I called our bank to inquire as to why a transaction was denied on the card I used for the original sample of Derma Essence. Long story short, I am out $1,100.00! They kept charging my card for shipments that I never authorized. These shipments came from four different addresses with four different company names (all the company names are related). I never received 1/2 of the merchandise that I was charged for. I do have the other 1/2 still in the boxes they were mailed in. I never opened the boxes. They were set aside waiting for a solution so I could return them all.

    Today I also opened a case with my bank for fraudulent unauthorized charges. I was advised to call the phone numbers that were listed on all the transactions and try to "get the ball rolling" in order to give the company a chance to return my funds. I did just that, the first number I called was 877-882-9052 listed on my statement from the bank as "PL FACECREAM."

    The number was answered by a recording "you have reached customer care" then a woman comes on and asks my zip code. I explained the issue to this woman "Anita." I was told she could issue me a 30% refund and credit my account right away. I declined, stating I would like the total amount that was taken from my account. I told her I spoke to my bank and opened a case against these charges. She advised me not to work with my bank! She stated that the banks will always decline to help and I will not receive any of the money working with them. I chuckled a bit; she then asked if I would accept a 50% of the total amount. I declined, stating that I would like all of the funds they charged my account without my authorization. I asked to speak to a supervisor; I was told they didn't have those there. She put me on hold, returned and said if I returned all of the merchandise that I was charged for then they would issue a refund. Well now, how can I return something I never received? I told her I did not receive 1/2 of what I was charged for. The women once again gave me an offer of a 50% refund, or I could return everything I was charged for. Again I stated that I did not receive all of what I was charged for. She said she could not help me and hung up the phone!

    Do yourself a favor and stay clear of the following companies. These are all related and have made fraudulent charges on my credit card. Derm Essence Beauty (2021 N Slappy Blvd #219 Albany, GA 31701), Dermasoft (PO Box 25380 Santa Ana, CA 92799-5380), Beauty (2021 N Slappy Blvd #219 Albany, GA 31701), and Pure Cell (PO Box 25380 Santa Ana, CA 92799-5380).

    The phone numbers associated with the charges to my account are: 877-882-9052 PLFACECREAM, 888-861-1320 Lux Uries Serum, 888-303-6285 Useskinserum, 888-600-7451 Clarantingin.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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