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    • Apr 11, 2017
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    Credit Solution Program

    "Bait and switch," common info available throughout for free.

    Like a lot of traps on the internet, it gives you a shock headline and then goes after money talking about something else.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Feb 4, 2019

      Company Response from Credit Solution Program

      Hi Robert,

      I apologize for such a delayed response here, however, I’m only just now becoming aware of your post since this site is in no way linked to our website.

      I'm very sorry that you found your experience with our site to be "Bait and Switch". With that said, I can’t tell if you purchased a product from us or just utilized our free content before writing this review.

      I'm unable to find a purchase in our database from you based on the limited information available on this website. If you did, in fact, make a purchase from us and you're unhappy, I want to make sure that you get a full refund immediately. If you would be kind enough to email me directly at with the name and email that you purchased under I will take care of this for you right away.

      Next, from what you wrote here, it sounds like you were upset to learn that you had to spend money in order to get our full program?

      It might help if I explain a little bit about how our business works. We have 3 different “tiers” of content available on our website…

      The first is our blog and it’s both free and completely open, meaning you don’t need to enter an email address or any other info to access this content. The content on our blog is helpful on its own and it covers many different topics on credit, debt, etc. very well. Many people make great progress in improving their credit by using only the free content on our blog.

      The second is our email newsletter which is also free, however, you do need to register to receive this by entering your email on our site. Our newsletter often links to articles on our blog or to promotional offers that we have found are of the most interest to our subscribers. Again, many people use only the free email newsletter and the blog to learn about their credit. You will find some of these people commenting on this very website about how they have never purchased from us but love the content, etc.

      The third tier of content on our site is our full program. While this is offered at an extremely affordable price, it does require a payment to access. However, I want to be clear in that you are under no obligation to buy our program in order to use the rest of our website. The benefit of purchasing the program is that it’s something you can follow step by step straight through and it’s a lot more organized and useful than a bunch of blog articles. As you might expect, after registering for our email newsletter or reading articles on our blog many people choose to make a purchase from us and follow our full program. '

      If these explanations were way off base, I'd really appreciate more info on what specifically you feel is "Bait and Switch" about our business. If you're so inclined to share more with me, please email me directly at


      Mike Roberts, Founder of the Credit Solution Program

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