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    • Apr 16, 2017
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    Don't buy unless you have a very small, light, neat cat

    I was unsure prior to purchasing, and I should have gone with my gut. The boxes are not deep enough to hold the right amount of litter (3-4 inches) without the cats scraping the majority of it on the floor while they are using the box.

    The guard they send does nothing to keep the litter in the box. In fact, when my cat used it to exit the box, the guard came off, crashing to the ground at 5:30 a.m. waking me up. In addition, she must have spilled the box in the same step because half the litter was on the floor.

    This was not the first time I have had to clean a good portion of clean litter off the floor in the 6 days that I have owned these boxes. In addition, I have lost litter through the bottom when the boxes stuck together and I had to pry them apart.

    Also, my cats (2 females) like to urinate on the sides, so I always have a block of urine soaked litter that I have to scrape from the sides (again, because the boxes are not deep enough) when cleaning them out.

    I have worked 50 times harder using these boxes and they were not cheap. In addition, according to Luuup's rules, once you open them, you can only get a replacement, not a refund for a crappy product. I would like to save you all the trouble unless you have a cat that is so neat, and tiny that it barely is any trouble to clean up after anyway. Mine are not, but I love them anyway and went back to the storage box system I used before which they were very happy with (I use plastic storage boxes without the tops so they are deep enough to add a lot of litter without losing it on the sides as I did with these boxes).

    I really tried to like these boxes, but after my rude awakening this morning, they are out of here.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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