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    • Apr 21, 2017
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    Pinnertest worked for me

    My health started going south in 2013, but with the help of my Naturopathic doctor, I was feeling about 80% better until 2016. My year was filled with respiratory problem after respiratory problem; I had pneumonia twice, bronchitis twice, more phlegm than I ever thought possible, intestinal track issues and my traditional doctor (whom I quit going to) was telling me I had COPD. I knew I didn't, but when I disagreed with her, she grinned and laughed like I had no idea what my body was telling me, and that's when I decided to take my medical issues into my own hands.

    I decided to do my own research to find out why my health seemed to be going downhill. After recalling my naturopath talking with me about food sensitivity testing, I decided to start my research there. I found enough interesting information linking sensitivities with leaky gut, respiratory issues, depression and a few other issues that had been bothering me. I knew I needed to get some testing done, so I researched different food sensitivity testing labs and later chose Pinnertest.

    The results came back with three foods listed: bananas, coffee and gluten (which I already been told I shouldn't be eating due to my Thyroid disorder but had not actually taken it out of my diet completely as of the day I took the Pinnertest). After reading the results I took all three items out of my diet and within two to three weeks began feeling much better; the phlegm was gone along with the respiratory issues, and within another week or two my depression was gone, and I've felt great ever since.

    I received my results from the Pinnertest in mid-December and haven't felt this good in over five years. I am a true believer in this test.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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