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    • Apr 25, 2017
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    American Home Shield

    Terrible service

    Overall Experience:

    We recently purchased a home and were guaranteed everything worked well by the seller. When the gas company came out to do a safety inspection on the gas and also turn on the heater's "flame," they placed a red sticker on it because they said a part was wrong with it and it needed to be repaired before it could be turned on.

    We reached out to American Home Shield and had to call about five times in between work and school before a representative got on the phone with us, plus their phone calls were very backed up and they had us on hold for over 20 minutes every single time. When I spoke with the representative, we were able to request two contractors to come out, one for the electricity and one for the heater. 24 hours after that we received a call from the heating company to schedule an appointment, and we were able to schedule it for the next business day, which was great.

    Today the contractor came out and inspected the heater and said he would order the part that needed repair, which we pointed to him because we were told which part it was by the gas company that came out to evaluate it previously, and who had alerted us of the issue. Within hours the contractor informed me American Home Shield had denied the coverage because they said the homeowners (us) were already informed of the damage before we purchased the coverage, and he referred me to American Home Shield for further insight.

    I reached out to their customer service and waited on hold for a period of 30 minutes before speaking with a representative (no surprise there). She informed me that the contractor/technician informed their department that we had prior knowledge of the damage before purchasing the coverage. I let her know the technician let me know that's what they had told HIM and I wanted to know where they had obtained the information to make that assumption, and the representative let me know it was the technician and that she couldn't provide me with further details. I reached back out to the technician, who informed me he had not told them that, that he had only mentioned that we had pointed out to him the damage and that there was already a red sticker on there signaling the damage.

    He said he did not know how to further help me and basically didn't provide any direction on how I could solve this situation. I asked that he reach back out to American Home Shield and let them know he did not say we knew about the damage before the purchase of the coverage. I am planning to reach back out tomorrow, so hopefully he will have clarified the issue by then.

    I am disappointed by the service we have been provided and am amazed by the miscommunication and lack of information the representatives of American Home Shield have shown. I do not understand how they can come to the conclusion of denying a claim and not provide me with the details, and instead ask me to reach out to other people. I am not sure how this will be resolved, but I do not recommend their services.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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