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    • May 7, 2017
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    American Home Shield

    Terrible service! Beware.

    Overall Experience:

    I bought an investment property in October of 2016. My realtor bought the American Home Shield plan for 10/16 thru 10/17 and put it in the closing settlement with the amount of $495. I thought I'd need it, so I didn't dispute during closing.

    Then I called American Home Shield in December of 2016 to request the contract that they hadn't sent to me yet. The rep tried to upsell saying that if I decided to pay through October of 2018 with $485 more, I would have many more benefits including full coverage for everything in the house and having the service call fee waived. And that I would only pay the $75 trade fee just for an emergency service that occurs during the PM hours and would have it fixed within 24 hours.

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a service for the doorbell that stopped working. Had I known of the scam, I would not have called them. Their contractor came out without any communication with me as I expected and as we spoke on the phone not to deal with my tenant. However, he came and asked the tenant to let him in, and within five minutes he already left. He didn't call me the entire time. I thought he was still coming so I called him and found out he already did the service, and I had to pay for the part and the installation.

    Today, after two weeks, I got a notice from American Home Shield saying there was a delinquency on my account of $75. I demanded a cancellation. They demanded to bring the account up to date for them to proceed the cancellation. Then they did the calculation and said I would get back only $300 something out of the $980 that I paid. I said "the rep who tried to upgrade my plan in December of 2016 lied to me about all the benefits that I would get and that I compared the two contracts of the one-year and the two-year, they were identical page to page and word to word, so explain to me where are all the benefits that I was promised for the upgrade. Just show me the difference!"

    She indeed forced me into paying for an extra year with almost the same price. So I at least should get back the $485 because I have not started the 2018 contract yet plus the remaining of the $495 after the eight months in use of 2017. I threatened to go to court with them and ask the court to obtain the recording so that my lawyer would compare it to the two versions of the contract that I have in my hand. Also, their contract terms say that after 30 days, they must give back a pro-rated refund. Instead, they said whatever of 2017 which I still have left from May through October of 2017 is gone and they would deduct a $80 admin fee plus a contracted deduction of $485 from 2018 and I would get back only $300 something.

    I read them the refund terms and that they must give me back the remaining balance based on the prorate calculation so I should get back at least $600. After so much verbal fight with them, they put me on hold and came back saying they would give me back $635 as I expected. I am going to call my credit card company to stop the payment of the trade fee of $75 now.

    What a terrible company! I would never recommend American Home Shield to anyone of my circle!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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