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    • May 13, 2017
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    Warranty Direct

    Terrible, deceitful company

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    After our A/C quit blowing cool, we took it to a service center. At first, they denied our claim, saying we did not have a plan that had coverage. After some argument from us, they admitted that they had our plan entered into their system wrong. It went downhill from there.

    We were without our vehicle for five weeks while waiting for Warranty Direct to approve or deny our claim. Every call made, we were told something different. Twice we were told they had requested an inspector to go to the site to look at the vehicle, come to find out they Warranty Direct never contacted the inspector (this is a 3rd party person, nothing to do with Warranty Direct, they just report their findings). Suddenly, after Warranty Direct puts a rush in the inspection request, the guy shows up that day. I was told by two separate customer service representatives that the inspection report says "no indication that this is a pre-existing condition," but when all was said and done, they denied it due to it being a pre-existing condition.

    What is the point of sending an inspector out if they are just going to make up whatever they want anyway? Because of the inconsistent things we were told, we requested copies of our recorded calls. They refused, stating they cannot for privacy reasons. Whose privacy? We also requested a copy of the inspection report, but again, they refuse.

    We reported them to the BBB, and their response is that they addressed our concerns and paid the claim. LIE. They paid a small portion and repaired a part that did not even fix the A/C. We were without our vehicle for five weeks and got it back in the same condition as when we dropped it off. This issue is still unresolved.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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