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    • May 19, 2017
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    True Brilliance

    Bad customer service

    After answering a survey in regards to a company I had done business with, I was awarded a "free" gift for my participation. Out of four gifts listed, I choose True Brillance. All I had to pay was shipping and handling in the amount of $4.95.

    On April 22, I was looking over my bank statement and saw two unusual charges in the amount of $119.38 and $129.24. I immediately called my bank's customer service and inquired about these charges. The rep told me who these charges were going to. I told her that I had not authorized these charges and the only legit charge was for $4.95. She continued to look over my account and found two more additional charges of $119.38 and $129.24 from the month before. She told me to call the company and dispute the charges and hopefully receive my money back.

    When I called the company, I was immediately asked where I got their number. I told them my bank rep gave it to me. I was told at that time that she could only refund the first two amounts and that a supervisor would have to refund the prior month. I asked to speak to him. He refunded the charges and asked me if he had not refunded the charges and what was I going to do. I stated that I would dispute the charges with my bank. He gave me a confirmation number and followed up with an email and stated I would receive my money back within 5-7 days for all these charges. I only received one charge back in the amount of $119.38.

    I called the company again on May 1st to follow up as to where the rest of my money was. I was told by a new supervisor because the other supervisor was not available. I told my story again and told him that the only refund I received was $119.38. He insisted that the other $129.24 was refunded also along with an additional $248.62. I told him that I had not received it and he rudely commented to me that maybe I'd better call my bank. I then told him once again that I had not received it and by the way, my bank didn't have it either. I then enlightened him that the previous supervisor told me 5-7 days and all I got was $119.38 period, and where was my money? He told me that it took 7-10 business days. "No, no, no," I stated, and informed him of what the other super said. Oh, but he was wrong, according to the one on the phone with me now. I got confirming emails and a new confirmation number.

    This morning, which is May 17th, I'm being told that this money was sent by check and that she would have to get in touch with her banking department. I asked to speak to her banking department and was told she didn't have the number. I asked her how in the world she was going to talk to them then if she didn't have the number. I asked for a super and one was not found. I told her that it had been 17 days, and I did not authorize a check to be sent to me. I questioned her as to why would a refund be sent to my bank and now a check issued. I also stated that the US Postal Service wasn't that slow and where was my money. By then she bellowed out that we will send the money to you as soon as funds become available.

    This company has one lie after another. No, I would not recommend to my worst enemy, this lying, thieving, and now apparently unstable company! I don't even want to give it a one-star rating, but I had to submit this review!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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