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    • May 24, 2017
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    Citizens Disability

    Very quick on returning calls and giving me info I ask for

    Overall Experience:

    I am going through Citizens Disability right since 2013 late in the year, but they have been very well mannered. They return calls promptly, and they give me any answers I ask about. They are very persistent on pushing to get me in, and it does take time, so it's not their fault, it is the Social Security office that lags here due to the lack of disability judges. It's not Citizens fault. They have given me everything I need and to hear when I ask them.

    One of the best that I've found is if I win then great, if not, they did their best as it's up to Social Security to make a decision on who wins not the advocates, but they do push as hard as they can. I have tons of faith in them. I trust them.

    The last advocate with me from another firm had told me after my appeal if I would have tried killing myself twice in a year, it would've been a win for sure. I fired him right there and told him to jump off a bridge and don't even think of sending me a bill. They had the nerve to send me a $15.00 bill for whatever reason, and I sent it back stating I will not pay this as my advocate said what he said so keep this and pay for it yourselves. I wish I could mention who they are, but I can't. But watch who is fake.

    I believe in Citizens for they have helped me more than I can imagine. I don't blame them for my wait for appeal because in Michigan we lost a lot of judges for this and it set them behind. I'm patiently waiting as I'll be in very soon with a 100% chance outcome. They're doing super. They don't hesitate to sit and talk if you need to. Terrific people so far, and I hope I can say the same when it's over and if I win, they deserve every penny earned. Thanks.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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