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    • May 23, 2017
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    Total Body Reboot

    Rebuilding and rebooting me

    I have to admit that I was skeptical about this program. I mean, how was I supposed to ditch MyFitnessPal, meal plans, snacking AND lose weight? That didn't seem right to me. I did the research, and I listened to Kevin. I even had him on my podcast and listened some more. There are so many methods and myths out there, and people with credentials and education are parroting the same things. The problem is, these same things didn't work for me. The points systems, the tracking, the monitoring, the early morning workouts that I hated just turned me off and burned me out. I gained everything back and put on some more.

    None of their programs addressed the Inner Rebel, that little voice inside your head that whispers in your ear that you should have more ice cream, more beer, more cake and skip that workout because you made a mistake already and you just aren't feeling it today. Besides, it is too cold, too wet, too hot or whatever, so why do more work?

    I have been learning that our food is a disaster, as is our workouts and overall weight loss mindset. Look around you. Look at animals in nature, they are not bloated and waddling around in the wild (at least not for long). They are living as they should; foraging/hunting for real food, building their nests or homes, sleeping, playing, and doing what animals do. They are not going to Crossfit at 5 AM, logging everything in MyFitnessPal or on a Fitbit and stressed to the max about screwing something up.

    Rebooted Body IS different. Kevin, Zach, and the other coaches are truly looking for real solutions to today's health crisis. There is too much information (misinformation), and no one is addressing the problems modern humans have with getting enough sleep, moving their bodies regularly, and eating nutritious REAL foods. Yes, there are elements of paleo dieting in this. Yes, you are going to walk a lot. Yes, you are going to have to turn off your brain and go to sleep.

    Guess what? You will sleep more and start to feel better. You will eat better and find that your body responds accordingly when you cut out the processed food. You will move more frequently because you are doing activities that YOU LOVE.

    There are no meal plans. There is no snacking. There is freedom with this, and it just might change your life. It has for me, and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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