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    • May 26, 2017
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    100% scam artists!

    SolarCity sold us on the system but could not deliver on their promises. First off, they told us that our electric bill would be almost ZERO and that the ONLY bill would be from Solar City. When I asked the salesman what would happen if it wasn't, he said that they would come out and add more panels. SOLD!

    Two years later our electric bill is triple of what SolarCity's bill is. When I called on them a year ago to come out and add more panels, they said they would have to tear the old system down and recreate a new system. I said whatever it takes. They told me that they are no longer working in Nevada and that they can't help me. That's the first problem!

    The second problem is we're moving and want to rent the home out. Because of this, the renters would need to be responsible for their utility bill. SolarCity said they do have the means to do that and because I'm on TBD contract, it's my responsibility. Which means I can't even rent the place out unless I pay the solar bill!

    If you want to solidify any hopes of not renting your home out, or you don't want to see the promised savings, or the support disappears due to the local electric company changing their protocol, SolarCity is for you. Otherwise, avoid these scam artists like you would the plague!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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