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    • Jun 2, 2017
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    Do not order "free" sample unless you want a cute jar for $100, true to $4.95 cost but you will pay 20 times the amount

    I am disgusted with the way this product is marketed now. It is completely immoral and not customer oriented. I have warned my friends and will continue making everyone aware to NOT get involved with this company.

    I authorized the shipping charge of a free sample and not even three weeks after the original transaction, I was hit with almost $200 in additional charges to my card. The terms which they feel authorize them to use your card as they please are very well hidden, and you will not see them in a plain view while ordering, not in an email or in the mailed package along with your "free" sample. I sure looked for that.

    Customer "support" reps are well trained to read the same script to you no matter what you are saying: allergic reaction, not being satisfied with the quality - it does not matter. One even made a mistake of reading off the paper: "you said the product worked for you," when I was sharing quite the opposite. They will keep your money without regard to your experience. With my skin sensitivities, I did not even get to try it until two weeks after delivery, and when I did, I was not impressed whatsoever.

    The quality is true to its cost to make - $4.95, not the $98.11 for face or $89.26 for the eyes. I had to stop it too due to redness. The amount for a "month" supply of not so free sample won't last you that long as the product is thick and the jar is tiny. The only positive thing is a cute jar.

    Bottom line: unless your goal is to provide this immoral business with insane profits and unreasonable margins, don't buy it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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