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    • Jun 20, 2017
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    Lies, all lies! Stay away!

    This company is a disaster! They lied about EVERYTHING. They told me there was no charge for the panels, that I would never have an electric bill other than taxes and fees from the power company, that they were able to get my VERY small house 95% coverage, and that there was no way I would EVER use that mush power. LIES!

    I got my first full months bill, and it was two times the amount I paid BEFORE I made the MISTAKE of going solar. They give you three days to back out of the contract after you sign it, but in my case, it was four MONTHS before they EVEN started, and once everything was done another six MONTHS before they were able to turn it on! All they did was apologize over and over again. And now this. Unless you purchase the panels and even then I'm not so sure, but STAY AWAY from Solar City!

    I see now why they have so many class actions suits against them. Just look it up BEFORE you talk to them!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Sep 29, 2017

      Robert Clawson

      Hello James Cope, I am trying to figure out what went wrong for you. There is no charge for the panels if you don't buy them, that leaves you with either a lease or a PPA. The lease you are buying whatever the panels produce so you need to make sure they checked your kilowatts per hour prior to building the unit so they don't make it bigger than you need. It is usually hard to build a unit that is too big for a small house. Was there any change in your electrical usage (kwph) before and after getting the unit? The PPA, you just pay for the power you use so this sounds like If you use very little electricity then it is hard to save. The delay in turning the unit on usually has to do with your city inspector, no matter which solar company you go with, it can take months for the city inspector to get around to yours. Now that Tesla bought them, I hope that there is a change for the better. It sounds like there is room for improvement.

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