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    • Jun 20, 2017
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    The Beard Club

    Terrible customer service

    Overall Experience:

    So I once did a one time order for oil and beard shampoo from Dollar Beard Club, and I will say I did enjoy their product. I ordered their beard shampoo probably on three occasions and did like the product.

    This being said I wanted to try their body wash and was in need of more of the beard shampoo, so I put an order in that did not give me an option to do a one time order just an automatic subscription that I could delay if need, which is what I did.

    After the first order, I didn't need more of either as the beard shampoo lasts a while and the body wash is only 8oz and is fairly expensive for what you receive. The body wash also doesn't last long, and you have to use more than directed, so I wasn't planning on getting any more. I will admit to my own mistake that I didn't remember when my order would be refilled and got an email at 3 AM that they were shipping my next box, and that they were going to ship it to my old billing address that I never once used for shipments and does not receive deliveries.

    I attempted to find a customer service phone number for the company, but there are none listed that at least I was unable to find. This led me to try other solutions to figure this out and found out they don't have a contact number to speak with anyone, and had to go through their electronic process, where I was informed that they would cancel my subscription (which you cannot do on their website), but I would not be refunded and they wouldn't reship a new box to my correct address (which is where my last box was correctly shipped to), nor would they issue a refund for something I would never receive based on their return process that is hidden in the fine print.

    I will no longer ever recommend working with this company and will tell anyone that uses them to cancel their subscription through their email process that is a pain to use. I understand this probably won't have a huge affect on their business, but I at least want it out there. They offered me no solutions and refused to refund my order. There are plenty of beard products out there that are just as good as this company, that offer much better customer service if there is ever an issue. Working in customer service for the past three and a half years, I am appalled that there is no way to call this company to help solve any issues. Also, any other subscription service I use for a product (not a service like Netflix, but similar to Dollar Shave Club) always send out reminder emails days before your order to make sure you still want it or if you need to add anything to it, which Dollar Beard Club does not do. And also with other companies, the cancellation process is extremely easy and straight forward.

    This company's customer service is by far one of the worst I have experienced and I highly recommend looking for a service that actually cares about its customers.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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