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    • Jun 27, 2017
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    Peachtree Settlement Funding

    For people that have never been through the process.

    I began searching to help financially during a tough time while waiting on my settlement. I have never been through the process of doing this before. Pre- qualification customer service was very polite and helped me understand if I had what was required to use the services and sent me a number via text to call and begin the process. I was also informed by my lawyer to go through this company for the small amount I needed in comparison to what I would get in the settlement. I also read the website as well for what cases they take.

    However, upon calling the number, the representative refused to even really speak with me and was very rude and told me that even though what was advertised and what my lawyer said and what the previous representative said, I have no case to be opened or worth speaking to my lawyer about from them, and everyone else was wrong, and she wasn't.

    However, she never even heard any details about my case, just rudely kept asking me if I was in a car accident or not. I said, "that is not the only cases the company handles, it was not a car accident injury, no." She said, "then we can't help you." I said, "well, the previous representative was much more helpful and polite than you are." She said, "oh really?" I said, "yes, you won't even listen to me, just keep asking about a car accident." I then asked to speak with someone more polite and informative. She said "no" and wished me good luck in life broke and hung up on me.

    So whatever money this company could have profited from me no longer will. I'm not sure that even matters as companies no longer value customers anyways. I am just disappointed to be treated in such a way when I have never dealt with this situation I'm in before, and maybe after listening, I possibly would or wouldn't have qualified, however, I would never know because it never got that far.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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