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    • Jul 5, 2017
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    Sleep Styler


    Overall Experience:

    In reading the reviews, a lot of people wrote reviews on the company as opposed to the product. I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience with the product, but that was hard to find. So here is my review on the actual product.

    When I ordered in late March, the website indicated that they were back ordered and would ship in June, so I wasn't surprised with the three-month wait. My estimated shipping was June 8th. Around June 13th, I called to find out where my order was. I guess I got the one polite representative. She wouldn't give me a date my order would be shipped but said it would ship before the end of the month. I received it about a week later.

    So, the product. I ordered the minis. They are fat rollers, which made them difficult to apply. My hair is about an inch past my shoulders and very layered, so it was hard to get my hair to wrap around the roller enough times to result in nice curls. I don't have the easiest time using hot rollers, so I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest thing for me to use the Sleep Styler. But my hair kept falling out of the rollers because they are so thick and don't have a good secure closure, so that was a bit frustrating. My hair also kept getting tangled in the velcro. I also have a lot of hair, so I didn't have enough rollers for my hair.

    Moving on. As far as comfort. Look, you're sleeping with something on your head. They're not pillows. It's not going to be the most comfortable, but it is a lot more comfortable than rollers. So it's not terrible. I could tolerate it.

    So, I tried the Sleep Styler twice because maybe I just did it wrong the first time. Well, the second night worked a little better than the first, but still not like advertised. About half of my head curled, and the curls didn't last long. When I took them out, my hair was a bit frizzy. Some curls were more like waves, and a couple were as advertised, but again, they didn't last long.

    The worst part was the front of my hair. The first time when I removed them from the front, it looked like I had horns like the beast from Beauty and the Beast. They were these horrible dents that stuck out like horns. So when I tried it the second time, I curled the rollers in the other direction. It didn't look like I had horns but still got dents in my hair. I ended up fixing my hair with my curling iron. I was able to get rid of the frizziness, which was a relief.

    So, the product needs some serious improvement. I'm quite disappointed with the results. I am going to return them. Such a shame.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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