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    • Jul 28, 2015
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    Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

    Incredible, life changing, the real deal.

    Overall Experience:

    Nick Vertucci and his team of real estate investment experts have designed a curriculum to educate and fully prepare his students to be not only real estate investors but successful business owners and upstanding members of the community. Nick and his team teach pride and integrity above all else.

    My vast experience in home rehabbing prior to attending the NVREA four day bus tour was nothing compared to the comprehensive education I received in my four days with NVREA. I went in the first day feeling like I already knew a lot (and to most people I did!) but quickly that first day I realized not only did I not know as much as I thought, I knew I just made the best investment and decision for my family and my future. I knew the remaining three days with NVREA would change my life completely.

    The NVREA curriculum is a presented in a scaffold, each layer of the scaffold building on the previous one, reinforcing what's already been taught and guiding you to the next level of real estate investing and owning a successful business. Nick and his team of mentors, strategists, tax specialists and wealth management experts shared their knowledge and expertise in a way I was able to instantly put into practice in my own business and my own life.

    As with any great education it does cost money, any great investment has a cost. This is the best investment I've ever made. I know if I follow Nick's system and do the work the way he taught me, my return on investment will be everything I want it to be and more.

    Nick Vertucci will be the first to tell you his program is not a "get rich quick" system and you will not become a millionaire just by sitting through his courses. But he will inspire you and prepare you to use the tools he's designed and tested to go forth, follow the program, do the work, and reap the benefits.

    Nick has been in my shoes and he has worked hard and tirelessly to become who he is today, and what a privilege it was to learn from his experiences and from his sincere desire to help inspire and teach others to become the best in the business too!

    I feel extremely well prepared to take my real estate investing business to the next level after attending the NVREA four day and I can't wait to for my one-on-one training with one of Nick's mentors. Bring on the next layer of the NVREA scaffold, I'm ready.

    Thank you NV.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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