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    • Jul 11, 2017
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    American Home Shield

    34 days without a heat pump in 120-degree heat

    Overall Experience:

    5/22/2017: Notified American Home Warranty our heat pump wasn’t cooling.

    5/23/2017: ARGO came to repair.

    5/23-5/28: Multiple service calls by ARGO. ARGO replaced several parts, each time saying the latest part would correct our cooling problem. We still don’t have cooling. They finally said it was the compressor that was still under warranty. It would take a week to get a new compressor.

    5/31 – 6/13: We went on a previously scheduled vacation. ARGO said they would install the new compressor while we were gone. Once the compressor was installed, they would use the key we left out for them and enter our home to be sure the unit was cooling properly. I called Carla at ARGO to let her know where the key would be located. She said she was too busy to write the information down but would call me the day before they installed the new compressor and get the key location. She did not call.

    6/2/2017: The new compressor was installed. The technician that installed the compressor did not go in the house to be sure the unit was cooling properly.

    6/5/2017: We called ARGO, and they would not return our calls so we called American Home Warranty to see when the new compressor would be installed. We were informed the new compressor was installed on 6/2.

    6/12/2017: Late evening I get a phone message from Carla. She wants to close our contract on our no cooling complaint. I return her call and tell her not to close the contract.

    6/13/2017: 4 AM we arrive home to a house that was over 100 degrees inside. The heat pump is not cooling and was running non-stop. We estimated it had been running for 11 days non-stop because it wasn’t cooling!

    6/14/2017: Shawn checks our unit. He says it is either low on Freon or the compressor is bad. The next morning he returns with more Freon. The unit still does not cool. Shawn says it needs another new compressor.

    6/19/2017: Carla says the new compressor will be in 6/21 and they will install it 6/22 in the morning.

    6/22/2017: ARGO did not call and did not show up for their appointment. I tried numerous times to contact them and left messages. Late afternoon they finally answer their phone and tell us the new delivery date is 6/23 and they will install the compressor 6/24 between 7 and 9 in the morning.

    6/24/2017: ARGO did not call and did not show up for their appointment.

    6/24/2017: (10 AM) I contact American Home Warranty. I explain what has happened and I am told they will contact ARGO and call me back. We did not receive a return call from American Home Warranty.

    6/24/2017: My husband calls American Home Warranty and is told the work order was closed on 6/19/2017, so we could not have gone 34 days without cooling! He is also told that ARGO did not fail to show for two appointments. In other words, they were calling us liars. We had no idea the work order was closed. How could they close the work order without notifying us?

    6/24/2017: I get a second opinion from another air conditioning contractor and find our unit has been turned off and it was trashed. It wouldn’t be cost effective to try to repair it with no compressor there, damaged copper tubing and oil and Freon spilled all over it. We get an estimate to install a new unit because obviously, ARGO is not able to repair our two-year, two-month-old unit.

    6/26/2017: A new unit is installed, and we have cooling for the first time in 36 days!

    7/4/2017: Not only is American Home Warranty charging us the $100 deductible for the service call to repair our heat pump that was never repaired, but today they notify us they are charging us an additional $30 for canceling our warranty with them.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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