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    • Jul 17, 2017
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    Sleep Styler

    Uncomfortable to sleep on and I would rather stick to a curling iron

    Overall Experience:

    I ordered this in April and only received it in July. I should have requested a refund when my item did not arrive within a week. I had to check back my status order and it said it was delayed! They did not email me stating the delay.

    I received the notification it was sent. It was sent via FedEx. I suspect on a mule (AKA ground shipping) so it went on a tour of the whole of the US and then it arrived.

    The box had no instructions to open and it was a bit confusing, and I started to take images of how it was packaged just in case it was damaged when I tried to open it. There was no buffer from the box and the item. I was so disappointed. Why would you not give instructions how to open the box or give a warning DO NOT USE A KNIFE to open?

    So I finally opened it up and saw that it was in a very cheap looking zipper see-through pouch.

    I first tested it one night before I slept. I ordered the MINI SIZE and sleeping in it was so uncomfortable to the point I lost sleep and my neck just ached. The curls came out all weird and I noticed that the curls were not as natural looking.

    Hair from the roots was straight and then a bumpy curl, unnatural looking.

    So here's the thing: We get 12 pieces and when I used it all, the curls were just ugly, I thought maybe to just use 5 and get more wavy curls.

    I tried it again while I was awake doing chores and working at home, waited for about 4 hours, with damp hair. The hair was still damp.

    Th WORST is their customer service. You have to do your own research and go to the site and scroll down to the refund section and the instructions were to call the number for a return authorization number. I called and gave them all the information. Here is where they get you!.

    1. They stated they will extend 30 more days in addition to the 30 days and send videos on how to use it. I said declined.

    2. They stated that they will give me 5 dollars off if I choose to keep it or give it as a gift to a friend. I said declined.

    3. Then they tried again with something confusing like shipping costs, etc. I said, “No, give me the return number.” Mind you, I was not rude at all during this call. Just more confused because she kept pushing for the first two things.

    4. When all else failed for her, she changed her tone and instantly became rude. She read out the return address so fast I had to ask her to repeat it. She gave me the authorization return code so fast we had to repeat it to each other five times.

    5. They need to buck up on their customer service. The process of returns are so antiquated. Telling me over the phone when something can be left out. Why not email me? But get this, when I called from my cell the automated response told me that they had delivered my order and could give me the details of my delivery and shipping information.

    Just stay away. It's not worth it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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