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    • Jul 17, 2017
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    DermaFi Peptide Cream

    Four products, four Companies, four scams

    This is about four "Dr. Oz certified" products on one page (extra credit for you guys). I do NOT order things like this and very rarely do any online buying unless it's Amazon or something purchased through PayPal.

    However, I am housebound and ill. Not making excuses, but although I am 51, the combined mental and physical illness often can add twenty years to that. You may think I'm exaggerating, but no, this is just one of those rare times where I can think clearly and usually clean up any messes (those are rare too) that I have made. The biggest one in ten years is this.

    All these products were offered on "trial" on the same page, one ad above the other. These were offered in pairs although each comes from a "different company."

    30-day supplies of:

    PureTILT Forskolin.

    PureTILT Garcinia.

    These were offered as quick weight reducers. By the time the "trial" arrived, my mind was clear enough where I didn't open anything.

    30-day supplies of:

    RejuVen8 (eye serum).

    DermaFi (Ageless Facial Serum).

    It supposedly makes you ageless. Ditto on these two items.

    Now another complication. When I was an active consumer, a free trial paid shipping only meant just that. I was not aware of this 14-day limit and since I no longer handle the finances, was also not aware that they were charging my credit card (four different charges, all around $80).

    I had wondered why my husband asked me to stop charging things on my credit card and asked why I had gone over the limit. I honestly had no idea what he was talking about since I hadn't spent hardly anything except for a few trinkets.

    And the charges kept coming. Every 14 days.

    Very angry (and not very coherent or nice), I called the four different numbers, basically said, "Don't screw with me, you are frauds and if you won't help me immediately I'll go to my bank." Which, of course, was not helping things.

    I called my bank and spent about half an hour cringing as the woman snidely told me I should have known better, should have seen this coming, should have known when I was being charged, etc. It was extremely embarrassing and I felt like a small child getting grounded.

    A couple of weeks go by, and my husband (not nicely) said I had 13 letters from the bank. Apart from a few of the charges, most were being disputed because I had not returned the product. Of course, not a word about returning anything was said to me. I was back to being the horrid five-year-old child.

    I never opened anything so I will call and get all four return addresses and send them registered mail with signatures required. They will include a note saying the charge better be reversed immediately as the product had not been opened. Not nice, I know, but I'm done with nice.

    And these were recommended by Dr. Oz? I had heard others make this claim and I guess anyone can without Dr. Oz even hearing about them. But they were on his ad page.

    I don't have the paperwork anymore but the pills came from Florida, the serum from Akron, Ohio. And unless it comes from Amazon or is payable through PayPal, my shopping days are over.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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