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    • Jul 19, 2017
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    Pill Pro

    Pill Pro

    As a diabetic, I take a lot of different medications. As a pharmacy cashier, published author, and grandmother of a seven-year-old girl, I stay pretty busy and many times forget to take my medications.

    I originally bought a Pill Pro at Walmart for $9.99 for my brother-in-law, because he's on even more medication than I am, but I was so impressed with it, and I knew I needed one for myself.

    It's so cleverly-designed that it makes med-time almost fun. I look forward each day to pulling the next little tray out, with the name of the day clearly marked. There are four compartments: Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime, so there's no way to get your med-times confused. Since I'm at work during the afternoon and sometimes evenings, I simply pop the tray into my pocket or purse and off we go! Now I don't have to try and remember to take my afternoon meds when I go home for lunch. What's simpler than THAT?

    The tower-base for the trays is also pretty cool with a removable lid to enable dropping the tray you just emptied (and refilled, if you want - I do, it's easier) in the proper order for its next time being dispensed via the bottom slot.

    WELL worth the cost of just $9.99. Plus, if you order online, apparently you get a second set free. This thing will surely save my health and probably my LIFE, due to helping me keep track of taking my meds accordingly.

    There are just no cons with Pill Pro!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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