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    • Jul 20, 2017
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    Red Copper Mug

    So disappointed

    I paid $20.00 for a cup to drink water out of, which in itself is pure insanity. The main reason I bought the cup was because it was advertised to keep cold water cold longer. I have a problem with dry mouth and keep a cup of water at my bedside. Plain water is hard enough to drink but when it is warm, yuck! The cup does NOT keep water any colder than the plastic water pitcher cup (free) from the hospital I was using previously.

    Another reason I bought the cup ($20.00) was it was advertised no condensation formation, which proves it is keeping your beverage cold. As soon as temperatures hit the 80s here, low and behold there is condensation on my cup. I type for a living, so every time I take a drink, I have to wipe my hand off before returning to my keyboard.

    But really, the biggest problem I have with the cup is that the air hole in the lid is in a position that gets covered by my nose (which my papa used to tease me about being so small he wondered how I could breathe) and the water does not flow out. I do like the shape and I do have small hands, and the cup is not cumbersome to hold!

    Oh well, another valuable but costly lesson learned. Not the first BulbHead product I bought that I was not satisfied with, but it is the first of their products that I was so dissatisfied with that I chose to write a review. Will think twice before I purchase BulbHead products ever again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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