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    • Aug 4, 2017
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    American Home Shield

    Never use these people

    Overall Experience:

    On May 26, 2017, our upstairs air conditioning unit failed. We called, and they set up a service provider. They recharged it, and it lasted for three days. We called back they came out four days later and looked at it, and they determined that the upstairs air handler and the downstairs compressor were both unfixable and needed to be replaced.

    American Home Shield argued and told us that our out-of-pocket would be $2800 to replace the condenser, which they were not covering. We went back-and-forth. I finally paid an independent service technician to come out and diagnose the entire system, who also agree that both the air handler and the condenser needed to be replaced. On June 10th we were told by American Home Shield that they approve the condenser, but our air handler was now not approved, which had previously been approved to be replaced.

    After approximately six hours on hold and talking with people at American Home Shield in one department to another who didn't know what one division said or had agreed to, we were told that we would be receiving a new unit both upstairs and downstairs for replacement on July 18th, undulating a Payne condenser and air handler delivered and installed. After 12 hours of installation, the contractor installing the units had to come to me and tell me that the downstairs outside condenser unit did not work at all. I immediately called American Home Shield and explain the situation, and they were kind enough to tell me that it was no longer their problem, that it was a manufacturing issue, at which point I explained to them that they had not yet filled their contractual obligation to provide me with a working unit, and that unit turned on and produced air. It was still their issue and their responsibility. The customer service rep refused to discuss this with me, and in turn, the installer went to the distributor the next day and explained the situation and returned with a Lenix condenser on July 21st. The condenser was turned on and it worked only to find out that the upstairs air handler did not operate, and this was not evident until we can get the condenser to work.

    I posted on Twitter of how absolutely disgusted I was and was tired of being on hold from anywhere between 59 and 83 minutes before I could talk to somebody who couldn't do anything but tell me that they would escalate this or get me a return call, which I never heard from anyone until I put something on social media then they wanted to smooth my feathers.

    I've had two service calls now trying to get this thing to work. I finally had to call an independent contractor, which was Lowry Services, which I cannot say enough nice things about. A prompt and immediate response, and they do the work they say they're going to do right then and there. That service call cost me $1100 to wire the upstairs air handler correctly because installers managed to put the air handler on the 110 circuit instead of the 220 is required to run on.

    Daryl from customer service and the media supervisor from American Home Shield calls me and now wants to do a second opinion. I've had second opinions, I've had 3rd opinions, and fourth opinions, and we have been going on with this since May 26th. My upstairs temperature during all this has been 93° and when I explain to these people that I have people coming and one of these people is on oxygen and cannot be in 93° temperatures and 90% humidity, they informed me that did not constitute a medical emergency to try to expedite this.

    Since May 26th I have been on the phone, documented for 14+ hours with American Home Shield or the supplier trying to get this resolved. I lost 12 hours of billable time, and I have had no air conditioning upstairs in my house from May 26th through July 27th. I have been unable to utilize my office for work, which is upstairs.

    My last conversation with American Home Shield was anything but pleasant, and my last statement was "see you in court." I have every intention of suing them for what I am out of pocket, and the time, energy and effort that I have had to spend to get them to abide by their own contract. Secondly, I would like to point out that they say comparable equipment replacing a Rheem air-conditioning system with a Payne air-conditioning system, which has one of the most horrific customer service reviews of failure rates and not comparable equipment.

    They also say that they will repair or have diagnostics done within 24 to 48 hours and wants the issue diagnosed, and they should have service and repair within 24 to 48 hours, and this was not the case. We have been a customer with them since June 2005 because this warranty came when we bought the house.

    From here on forward, I will tell you that if anybody asks, I will tell them first and foremost, do not use American Home Shield. Save your money and go to somebody who is reputable and actually cares about your business and will and takes care of you the way that they promised they will. And someone who when they say they will provide you with comparable service and comparable equipment will actually do so, instead of trying to get away with the lowest form of product that they can.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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