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    • Aug 12, 2017
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    Authentic scam artist

    Wow, I see a lot of other people that have gotten robbed as well. Seems like they have experienced EXACTLY what I've been going through with this FAKE company.

    On May 16, 2017, I ordered five bottles for $188.00. After a month of waiting, I called several times to inquire about the status of my order. Remind you that each and every time I called, I would get brushed and rushed off the phone with no clue still of the status of anything. I was asked for my name, order number, etc. as if someone was going to return my call. No one has returned any of my calls!

    One day I called and was told this was their "answering services." This lady was so nice and had sympathy when I shared my experience about this company. I was so surprised about the honesty and eagerness she shared with me (maybe because I was crying because these people have taken my money). She told me that so many people have called and this company was a scam. She understood my pain, and I needed to cancel my credit card and get a new one. Wow, she had CONFIRMED this is a SCAM four real!

    On June 21, 2017, I received one bottle in the mail. I called again and was told that I would receive the remaining four bottles and a FREE one. I also found out before canceling my credit card that they were taking out $119.97 for two months for a darn membership that I didn't approve of! I called, no answer.

    I emailed on July 13, 2017, and stated I was going to give my story to channel 8 NEWS and got a response. This company told me I would get my full refund. On July 14, and July 16, I saw $119.97 go back into my account for the membership fee they were charging me. They NEVER refunded ALL my money back. I was charged on my credit card $188.00 for five bottles. I received only one bottle at $37.60. They STOLE $150.40.

    Now, when I email it says "a message error, unable to deliver." When I call, it's as if I am BLOCKED. This is the worst scam I've encountered!

    I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Run as fast as you can! Do not look twice. I'm going to call Texas Attorney General and Channel 8 News and give my story.

    Today is August 1, 2017. I still haven't received a reply from an email, nor have I received the remaining bottles that I paid for.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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