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    • Aug 21, 2017
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    Warranty Direct


    I can see that you all are also getting the run around from Warranty Direct. Get used to it.

    I am on my second warranty from them for two different vehicles. I have been a customer since 2007 and have given them thousands of dollars over the years for a top of the line Ultra Deluxe warranty, only to be treated like a piece of crap.

    My latest dilemma with Warranty Direct is my last repair just before my warranty ended, I guess since they called me many times trying to get me to extend my warranty on my 7-year-old vehicle and I decided not to extend. I guess that got me on the "do not pay any claims for him list since he is not renewing."

    I had a simple repair done, an ignition coil on the #2 cylinder, a mechanical breakdown in anyone's book. Service was done on a Sunday when they were closed. The mechanic was not able to get them on the phone since they were closed. I had to send in the claim myself, which one of the operators told me was just fine since they were closed during the time of the repair. Now a month later and five phone calls later on my part, I am told that they are not covering the repair.

    First they told me that the claims manager, Dan Thomson, said that since it was not a "catastrophic breakdown" that it did not have to be covered. I don't remember ever seeing that in any of my contracts. Then when I told him that none of my claims over the period of 10 years was "catastrophic" and all were covered with no problem, even the ones that I had to send in myself and all were covered without question, then the story changed. Then it was, "well, you had other work done at the same time."

    They did an inspection, and the coil was changed so you could pass inspection, and that is not considered a "breakdown." Well, they vehicle was brought in for a hesitation on acceleration, which was later found to be because of a bad ignition coil. Sounds like a breakdown to me. While it was there, I said I am almost due for an oil change and tire rotation, might as well do that too. Then the mechanic told me, "your inspection is up in a week or so, should I do it?" "Yes," I said.

    Then the female operator from the claims dept told me that since it is called "Dick's Service Station," it is not a mechanics shop, it's a service station and they only pay for work done at a mechanic's shop. Can you believe this crap? I even offered to pay for the labor for replacing the coil, and they could just pay for the part. They said that since the mechanic didn't tell them prior to fixing the car (on a day that they were CLOSED and did NOT answer the phone when the mechanic called), that they will not cover the repair. When I called to file the claim, they told me that since they were closed at the time of repair, I am fine to send it in myself.

    I am completely disgusted with this company. I have faxed/emailed in claims under the exact same circumstances in the past for two different vehicles and had no problems. I guess since I was towards the end of my warranty and I was not renewing it and I didn't have any other vehicles to buy a new warranty for, they no longer had any use for a long time customer. Sad, very sad business practice. I will never use them again and will never recommend them again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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