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    • Aug 22, 2017
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    Citizens Disability

    What a joke

    Overall Experience:

    These people are a joke. They gave me an approximate date for a hearing when they took my case, which was 13 months away. Three months after that date, I call them and ask them when is my court date as it's three months past they said it would be. And why haven't I gotten a court date yet? They said they don't set the schedule, and have nothing to do with the court dates.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but if you make a court date, you are on the docket and have a court date, correct?

    I threatened to seek help from another firm if I didn't have a date within 24 hours. In less than an hour, I received a call and an email (and in a few days a letter in the mail) with a definite date. All of a sudden when the possibility of losing my case to another firm, they manufacture a court date almost instantly? This leads me to believe they were not actively working on my claim at all. I'm just letting it sit to take up time so they can take a bigger piece of my pie.

    They make you sign a 25% fee waiver. I'm not sure, but I think it must remove the cap that is set by the Social Security Administration. This is the paperwork my attorney at the hearing was so adamant to get me to sign before the hearing.

    Now, all of a sudden, they over whelm me with paper work they want done. Why wasn't this all taken care of during the 16 months from when they took the case? Again, this leads me to believe they have not been actively working on my case. And it was not medical records as I have been reporting that on a regular basis.

    So, here we are, court day. They tell me to be there one hour early to review my case with my attorney (only they know who he is, I have no clue). Not only is he late to meet with me, he is 20 minutes late for the hearing time. That is one hour, 20 minutes total late. The Judge is wanting to get started. All my attorney wants me to do sign papers for Citizens Disability 25% piece of my pie. No case review because this kid is almost one and half hours late!

    We go into the hearing. My young, right out of college attorney smells like booze, although he tries to cover it up with cologne. The judge asks me all kinds of questions to help my case while my hung over attorney sits there with his head up his ass. Don't take my word for it, the transcripts from the hearing will tell it all.

    Of course, Citizens pays my attorney no matter what, so what does he care. I'm sure he never even looked at my case prior to arriving at the court room. Of course, I end up losing my case. Surprised? Hardly! Now, Citizens won't answer my calls or emails.

    I'm trying to seek help from other firms. But, no firm want's to clean up after Citizens Disability. So I guess my next appeal I will be dealing with on my own.

    I would report Citizens Disability to BBB, but I have paid them nothing, so nothing to gain there. I would report my hung over, late, unprepared attorney to the BAR, but I have no paper work with his name on it, so I have no idea who he is!

    Luckily, a friend gave me a link to this site, where I am happy to give my review and advice.

    My review? 0 out of 10!

    My advice? Stay away from these people. They are NOT on your side! You will not know who your attorney is that is supposed to handle your case. You will NOT have any contact with an attorney prior to your court date. He is paid regardless of the outcome of your case, so there is no incentive for the attorney to be properly prepared to support you in court for your disability case. You will be on your own in court.

    Like I said, don't take my word for it. The transcripts of my case tell a grim story of how these people represent you.

    I had to give them one star because a zero star option was not available!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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