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    • Aug 27, 2017
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    Air by crazybaby

    Poorly built

    1. Opening and closing the tube creates a remarkable scratch noise, there was already damage on the aluminum when I received it. Edges do not meet and things stand off. The whole thing seems poorly built.

    2. Charging the earbuds within the tube does not work as expected. The gold pin connectors seem not to be able to reach the earbuds. Every time I have "fully charged“ the earbuds, the phone (iPhone 6 Plus) tells me the battery is only half full. I have never been able to use them longer than 30 minutes before they die.

    3. Connectivity issues occur regularly, even if the phone is right in front of it. Especially the right earbud goes silent on a minute basis.

    4. Using as headphones: Taking a phone call or recording an audio memo causes the right earbud to shut down immediately, and the microphone and speaker are completely and instantly turned off.

    5. The buttons on the earbuds are way too hard to press, it actually hurts your ear if you simply want to pause a song.

    I waited nine months for this, and it sadly turned out to be a bad, hastily assembled product that at best is in its alpha status. I lost my trust in crazybaby and won’t support these guys anytime soon again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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