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    • Aug 29, 2017
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    Old Republic Home Protection

    Bad company with it's partner company NW Valley Mechanical

    We recently purchased a home and with that a home warranty protection from this company. The home was recently inspected in April AND had it's routine servicing company here for cleaning, servicing, and simple parts repair in June.

    During the July months when the temperatures became high, we noticed that the indoor unit of our central AC unit had a leak. We contacted Old Republic for a service call, to which they delayed us and originally asked us to pay out of pocket and submit reimbursement. I disputed that, as I told them it wasn't an emergent issue and could wait until their techs were available (I am not a naive person, and I am very familiar with companies ability to bait and switch, so I did not feel comfortable up-fronting money only to be told claim denied for some bogus reason).

    They eventually sent a tech here in an unmarked van from NW Valley Mechanical. He had a ton of side comments about our system and the coolant used (again all from a prior reputable AC company). When he tested the outside unit he came up with the following theory (AFTER calling to speak with someone else via phone and verifying our home warranty coverage with them): "The unit was installed too close to the home causing your coil inside to freeze over."

    When we asked how that was possible when all the homes in our development were built the same, no one has ever noticed this in ten years with other owners of the home, it passed code when built, it had a home inspection that this was not mentioned on, AND and AC company was recently here that did not EVER mention that issue. He did not have a good answer other than bulk installations to barely pass code and home inspectors trained on a little about a lot. He submitted the claim with the hint that it was not likely to be covered and a side comment of "I'm curious to see what they are going to do about this one."

    Not to our surprise, based on his claim, Old Republic denied coverage and told us that it would be $700-$800. As I disputed this with the customer service rep, she claimed that they said:

    1) The unit should, by law, be 12 inches from the home, which ours is not, so that is the sole failure of the unit. I asked her how this passed code, inspection, and servicing to which she did not have a valid answer other than this coming from a trained/licensed tech.

    2) I pointed out that they found the one problem NOT covered with a clause that it might actually be another problem but they couldn't test that potential problem until the unit was moved. I argued that their claim that this was the sole cause of failure then is not accurate.

    3) She claimed the tech did not know it wouldn't be covered and when I corrected her that he actually verbalized it, she said he has nothing to gain by it not being covered. EXCEPT that he is THEIR TECH and just made $65 for NOTHING! They make service call cash.

    Now we face fixing the problem or most likely voiding the warranty in the future should the unit fail (not that I have much faith they would repair a unit when they won't even repair a leak). That comment was ignored by her. After much frustration and informing her that I would not be renewing my useless plan in the future because they are a bait and switch company that contracts techs and covers nothing (not to mention now has an "issue" documented that if you don't fix out of pocket, no voids your warranty), we did our research. This is not an isolated problem. There are long lists of complaints on multiple sources, including Consumer Affairs, about this duo of a team routinely misdiagnosing, other companies coming in after their claims to dispute, people with similar stories to mine of them always claiming that an original part or system is not correctly sized or installed.

    Also the clause in my added AC and "ultimate protection" that says improper installation is covered unless it is the sole reason for failure. Ironic that that this tech managed to make this a potential sole reason UNLESS it is the other part he mentioned, which he claims he can't check for some reason unless the unit is moved (ss I mentioned, I'm not an uneducated naive person, if it is the other part I would bet my life they would claim they wouldn't cover because they don't know if the location caused this failure, resulting in us again needing to fix yet another problem out of pocket not to void our warranty). THIS COMPANY and the DUO for that matter IS A SCAM!

    I have taken this to BBB for resolution as well as Consumer Affairs and Home Warranty Reviews because after my frustration with our situation I did research, and there is an appalling running list of this being the norm for this company and it's sidekick company NW Valley Mechanical.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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