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    • Sep 1, 2017
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    Faster, not necessarily better

    No one likes sitting in the finance guy's office at the end of what feels like a misadventure that started a week ago instead of just this morning. After sitting in more cars than I can remember, I knew that the worst was still to come. Now, I get to face all my own financial demons at the scorn and bewilderment of the "finance manager." I hate it. Everything about it.

    So I gave up. I figured I would just have faith that my credit union would give me the best deal possible and dive in, head first into a brand spanking new five-year commitment.

    When I heard about AutoGravity, I admit I wasn't all that impressed. They don't really do much other than shop your credit around to lenders and see where you land. This concept, known as shotgunning, is often used by the "Buy Here, Pay Here" dealers that promise everyone will be approved for credit. And they're not lying, everyone gets a loan. A horrible, awful loan with jacked up APR and ungodly terms. So AutoGravity isn't doing anything new or novel. There are no great insights or tricks.

    It asks you upfront questions about your purchase (price, down payment) and then leaps right into the questions about your credit worthiness. This is what I found most disturbing. Buying a car, new or new to you, is a big decision. There's a lot of emotion involved. Making financial choices in the heat of the moment, while the adrenaline of being behind the wheel of a shiny new car is still coursing through your veins, is the worst time. And this app makes it all that much easier to race to the finish line.

    I was able to go from installing the app to having banks send me their proposals in under 120 seconds. Some might see that as a great selling point. Others should know themselves better and run, not walk, from this app. There is no rush, and there should be no pressure to sign on the dotted line and speed away.

    In the end, the app did not provide any great offers I didn't already get from other sites. It was convenient to have them all in one place, sure, but not overwhelmingly so that I would choose this method over any other.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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