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    • Sep 2, 2017
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    Vinetics C Facial Cream

    Shady business practices

    I was skeptical of the company before making my order, so I documented my complete interaction with their website as I went through the order process (screen shots and video).

    Every time I actually tried to complete the order, the website showed me an error so I gave up. I was surprised to get the product in the mail a few weeks later, and even more surprised to see the expensive charge for the product that followed a month after the first. Apparently, I had been enrolled in some type of subscription service. Because I documented my transaction carefully, I know I was never given notice of the charges.

    They agreed to give me my money back in exchange for unused product. I tried to return the product to the address they gave me, but the post office said the zip code was wrong. I contacted the company again, and they gave me the same address. The post office said the particular P.O. Box and city/state address belonged to a different zip code. I figured the company was just continuing their scam, so I used the zip code the USPS told me and sent it certified mail.

    After several weeks of the package going back and forth from my city to the city it was supposed to go, it settled in the city it was supposed to go to with the status of "returned to original sender" waiting for pickup. I was the original sender, so that doesn't make sense and I'm so tired of dealing with it all that I guess I'm giving up on my $89 because it has been about four months now since I returned the product without a refund.

    A class action lawsuit could definitely get traction, and if any lawyer wants to start one, feel free to contact me to discuss using me as a named plaintiff. Like I said, I documented everything.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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