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    • Sep 11, 2017
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    Air by crazybaby

    Good marketing, inferior product

    I backed these earbuds on IndieGoGo almost immediately. I was truly on board the hype train from the moment I looked over the promotional material.

    Ten months later and the long-awaited day finally arrived!

    The Case: The tube, sleek and stylish in all the promotional material, is, well, nice. However, it's a bit chunkier than the promotional images led us to believe (apparently IndieGoGo is like Tinder in that respect). Intentional or otherwise, this was not a good start.

    The Audio Quality: They sound fantastic. There's no way around that. I have much more expensive headphones from Sennheiser, and these earbuds rival those. But...

    The Darn Connection: The right earbud. The right earbud cuts out probably 5-6 times a minute. Which is absurd. I won't harp on this too much as many other reviewers have said as much but needless to say, I'm dumbfounded by the fact that they found their way into consumers hands with such a fundamental fault.

    Conclusion: I hadn't heard of crazybaby before backing these earbuds, but they're going to do some serious damage control if they want to keep afloat. Or they doom themselves to a very short shelf life as a flash in the pan when they could have been so much more.

    Unfortunately, high-quality audio isn't enough when it only consistently works in one ear. Steer clear of Air by crazybaby. Give it a year or so, and superior products will likely be much more mainstream.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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