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    • Sep 22, 2017
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    Air by crazybaby

    Do not live up to the promises or the hype

    I'll get straight to the point.

    In my opinion, the sound quality is MUCH better than average. That's compared to any of the eight different Bluetooth pairs/brands I own. The Air by crazybaby are also better than most wired earbuds, not full-size headphones (that wouldn't be a fair comparison), but better than earbuds. That's all if, if, IF you can get BOTH left and right Airs to actually produce music!

    I am using them as I sit here writing this and the RIGHT earbud continually cuts out. I'm just sitting at a desk, not moving my head or my body around and the RIGHT earbud just won't continually produce sound! That REALLY RUINS the sound experience. The LEFT bud stays connected reasonably well but NOT as well as the "hyped up" copy of the IndieGoGo campaign would make you believe.

    I don't have really ANY other major issues with them. The charging cradle open/close is a lot ODD and not a very high-quality feeling, but I might get used to that. If ONLY the RIGHT earbud would stay connected, I'd be tempted to be happy.

    The OTHER ISSUE is that I paid for TWO sets of these and I've only received ONE and have not received any response from "customer service." I paid by PayPal, and I'm going to attempt to get them to credit back the charge. I suggest that if EVERYONE who is dissatisfied with the Air by crazybaby would do the same, the company MIGHT take notice.

    My more than two cents.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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