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    • Sep 25, 2017
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    Roto Sweep

    Be especially cautious - don't use their website

    I wish I could give this a no-star rating but the one star is as low as I could go.

    I was interested in the Roto Sweep when I saw it advertised on TV. I went to the site and started to fill out the information to purchase ONE. When I got near the end of the process, there was a page of additional things to buy and additional expenses. I decided it was not worth it and so I backtracked the pages and deleted all of the information I had put in the forms. I did not ever get to the button to complete the order and submit it.

    To my amazement a couple of days later I received an email telling me that they had received the order and were sending me two sets with two charges for shipping and handling, which totaled more than the purchase of the products.

    I called the company, and they assured me that could not happen and that I must have ordered two and completed all the request including hitting the submit. I assured her that was not the case. She said they had been sent and when I received them to call and they would take them back and refund my money.

    When they arrived, I called again and went over what had happened. The person gave me a return authorization and told me they would only refund the amount of the items and that I would have to ship them back at my expense ($17.00).

    I again said I didn't order them and I expected a full refund including shipping. She said that is not their policy, but they would refund the other. She indicated if I wanted them to consider the full refund I should enclose a letter explaining the situation. This I did.

    I received an email a few days later acknowledging they had received the items but only credited the amount of the items, not the shipping. I called and talked to them again, and they said it had to be referred to another area and they would have them contact me. Nothing.

    I have never had a company make an order before I had indicated and then doubled it. Seems like the old shell game to me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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