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    • Sep 29, 2017
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    Flex Tape

    From thrilled to ripped off!

    Overall Experience:

    I had just recently seen the ad for Flex Tape and was going to buy some for the workbench. So, yesterday, when I discovered water in my cellar, I searched all over to finally find the source to be a tiny pin-hole in a small section of copper pipe leading to an outdoor spigot, which I'd long abandoned. The copper was not very old and was still clean.

    When I found this, my first reaction was to regret that I hadn't ordered that Flex Tape! From what I saw advertised, this was the perfect situation. It was late, and I needed something to hold this tiny leak until I could cut and cap off the pipe in the morning.

    We went to our local Walmart to get a few things, and I picked up some piping tape. Then, on the way out, we saw an "As Seen on TV" section, and there was "Flex Tape!" We laughed, not believing our good fortune.

    Back home, I followed the easy directions, cut a section to fit the pipe, cleaned off the tube, and, with visions in my head of that guy on TV slapping the tape over a leak, carefully wrapped the pipe with the sticky tape.

    Did it work? NO! The instant it encountered any moisture, it lost all adhesion. It stuck to itself pretty well, and did stick to the copper, but all this exercise did was to create a sleeve that would direct the drip into a bucket I placed underneath.

    In all fairness, I believe this product can work, but only under dry, optimum conditions, but so will many other tapes. Were there no leak, and I wrapped this tape around the dry copper pipe, I'm sure it would hold, for a while. But why would I do that? I needed this product to work as advertised, and it did not. And I made no demands of it beyond how it was described by the advertisers.

    On a side note, we left the package of plumbing tape I'd picked up in hardware on the Flex Tape display near the check-out. I wonder if someone will take the hint...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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