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    • Sep 30, 2017
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    Air by crazybaby

    I seem to have had a better experience than most

    I received my Air three weeks ago, and my experience has been mixed, but improving. When they arrived, I was impressed by the packaging; very Apple-esque! I charged them up, put the medium buds on (I always use the medium buds) and off I went.

    First impressions were a very good fit, great mids and highs, but where's the bass?! I pushed them in as far as I could but was disappointed with that aspect of the sound. But the mids and highs compared well to my Bose wireless earphones, which was good.

    Then I wore them out and about, and the connection issues started. It seemed that whenever I turned my head, the left the right earphone would cut out briefly, but then fade back in. The fade in was a good touch, made it feel like it meant to do it (LOL).

    I've been using them on and off for about three weeks now, and I'm much happier. I've switched up to the large buds (which I don't usually need to do) and pushed them in tight, and the bass is full and the whole sound actually does compare well to my Bose pair. My Air cost me £80, and my Bose cost around £150, and the sound is comparable. The fit of the air is snug and assured, they don't feel like they'll drop out.

    The connection issues have calmed down a lot, but that may be due to how I use them. You can't have too much distance between the earphones and your phone. Usually not a problem, but if you put your phone down and walk to the other side of the room, they won't like it, which is disappointing.

    But what's most disappointing is the battery life. I don't think I've managed to get more than 1.5 to 2 hours out of them before they die. Compared to my Bose, which give me around 6 hours. This is very disappointing. Yes you pop them back into their carry case and they recharge, and maybe I just need to get used to this, but I would expect 4-6 hours. However, that may simply not be possible with this form factor.

    Overall, compared to my initial thoughts, I'm very happy with my Air by crazybaby earphones, the sound is great, connection problems can be managed, the battery is poor but that may be expected, and they're by far the best headphones I've ever had for £80! No doubt!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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