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    • Oct 4, 2017
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    FDN Selfcare

    FDN worked for me!

    I participated in the FDN self-care program 3 years ago. It literally gave me my life back. I was in and out of the hospital with unexplained stomach pain. hospitalized twice symptoms that looked like an infection but no actual diagnosis.

    I spoke with many many doctors who gave me no answers. I was in chronic pain and full of anxiety. My kids needed me, I couldn't work and I hated how small my world had become.

    I signed up for FDN and it changed my life. It gave me HOPE. Over a 6 month period of completing tests I addressed hormonal imbalances that my reg doctor said were normal, I cut out foods that were triggering responses. I completed a yeast and parasite cleanse and took what seemed like a million supplements to heal my gut.

    At the 3 month mark I was noticeably better and by the 6-month mark I felt like I could finally get back to my life. I continued the program on my own for about a year and 2 years later I am working and living life without the burden of chronic pain.

    During the last phone conversation with my coach, I literally broke down in tears because I couldn't believe that this person who had used their gifts and talents would no longer be in my life. She was amazing.

    In regards to cost, to do all the tests was about $800 and then there was a fee that paid for 6 months of coaching, I think that was $1500.

    By the end, including supplements, I think I spent about $3,000 that year.It was worth every penny!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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