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    • Oct 17, 2017
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    Fungus Shield Plus

    No instant miracles

    As is my terrible habit, I woke up at 3 am and yes, started surfing the internet. I happened upon this ridiculously long infomercial for something called Fungus Shield Plus. Even as my brain kept screaming at me to stop watching and reading, I kept at it.

    Of course, this is idiocy. Look at the way the guy tries to make himself sound like some kind of "real" scientist. I am a thinking, intelligent human being. I will never be duped by such hustlers. Look at all of that writing on their website. They're trying too hard to convince me - a sure sign of a scammer. What? "$99 per bottle but if you by SIX bottles right now, we'll give you a 60% discount." Oh, pa-leeze. If you can give me 60% of anything, you're charging too much to begin with.

    These hucksters must think I'm stupid I said to myself, just before I ordered my bottle of Fungus Shield Plus for $67. Yep. I did it. Well, I'd tried everything, and nothing worked. So, this would just be one more thing. It wasn't going to make my nasty-looking toes look worse.

    When it arrived, I began taking the recommended dose every single night. It was automatic. I take the stinky pill, brush my teeth and go to bed. I forgot about it. Then one day about three weeks into my regimen, my girly girlfriend, who spends $60 a month getting her nails done, grabbed my hand while I was driving. "When did you start taking care of your nails? Look at those cubicles? I would die to have healthy cubicles like that. And look at your nails, long and strong," she exclaimed while unsuccessfully trying to bend one.

    Until that exchange, I hadn't paid attention to those changes in my fingernails. But they did look great. I hurried home to sneak a peek at my nasty toenails. Good Lord Almighty! I couldn't believe my eyes. The new growth on my 5 funky toes was, yep, fungus free! You heard it here folks. That's the truth. The Fungus Shield Plus was working.

    No, there was no overnight miracle. But heck, these stinky pills have given me the hope that I will one day wear open-toed shoes again.

    I just ordered 3 more bottles. If I were you, I wouldn't believe this. I sound like the infomercial. At the risk of sounding like our esteemed president, "Believe me. This is the most excellent thing. The best." Try it!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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