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    • Oct 22, 2017
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    Sleep Styler

    A huge disappointment

    Overall Experience:

    I was really excited to receive my Sleep Styler curlers as I had watched the video on Shark Tank and read their advertisements. Unfortunately, I failed to read any reviews of those who had purchased them.

    I was imagining a curler I could sleep in comfortably, that would dry my hair and not damage it, and would create soft beautiful "beach wave curls!" The only thing that is true about this product is that it does not seem to damage your hair.

    I woke with my hair about as wet as when I went to sleep and had to blow dry it in the curlers. The curls looked great when I first took the curlers out but fell into nothing but a very slight wave (if at all) within the first hour.

    Believing that I must have made a mistake in setting my hair, I have tried them NUMEROUS times since I received them with the same results every time. I've sectioned my hair into thinner pieces, experimented with different degrees of wetness, more curlers, less curlers, all with the same results.

    I waited for over two months (probably near 3) to get these and am extremely disappointed. They aren't particularly comfortable, and they fall out while you are sleeping, do NOT dry your hair, and do not provide lasting curls as they claim. I would return them if I hadn't kept them beyond the 30-day trial.

    I wish I could find my order number to validate this purchase but cannot at this time. It may have been deleted from my mailbox. I assure you, I am a real and very disappointed customer. Since I can't return mine, I would like to at least prevent others from wasting their money on a falsely advertised product.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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