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    • Oct 23, 2017
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    Cyclone Rake

    Cyclone Rake Classic

    Overall Experience:

    I matched this against a well-known competitor. I have had other equipment from the competitor and was happy. They were cheaper and had the top spot going in. Price difference overall was about $200.

    Order process:

    "Going out of the country for two weeks and cannot take delivery. Can you ship on 10/9? I want to order now, so I don't miss the sale."

    Competitor: "No. Just use the internet from overseas."

    Cyclone Rake: "Yes. No problem."

    What deck adapter do I need?

    Competitor: Gave my tractor model number. Not sure. Sent deck Photo from the parts list and got the info.

    Cyclone Rake: Gave tractor model number. "That's a tough one to cut. Will ship pre-cut for your tractor."

    Don't have all the storage in the world. Cyclone Rake folds flat. The competitor doesn't.

    Competitor ships in one big box. Bigger than my 4x8 trailer. With Home Delivery, you have to get it off the truck. Cyclone Rake comes in smaller multiple boxes. Home delivery by Fed Ex.

    I decided to go with Cyclone Rake based on the above.

    The order was placed on 9/21, arrived home on 10/8 and received an email it had shipped on 10/9.

    I left the garage open and went in for lunch. I wondered when it would show. I went back and looked at the garage, and the eight packages were stacked in the garage. The driver came and went like a ninja.

    So far the right choice.

    I put it together without issue. The pre-cut adapter fit perfect. Didn't really need time for assembly. I am 70 years old and worried about lifting the motor on. It turned out not to be a problem. Nice not to have bother the kids.

    Found one 2x4 piece of velcro missing off the collector bag. I called in expecting to be shipped a piece of velcro. I was sent an entire collector bag. No charge.

    Getting happier with my choice.

    I took it out for the first time and had a learning curve on handling the rig. I got comfortable with it and had no problems. Worked as advertised. Like it.

    It backs up really nice due to the unique hitch setup. Need to back it 30 feet to in the garage. No problem at all.

    Made a "roof rack" for it to haul accessories. Use a small floor jack from Harbor Freight ($29) to hold it so I can uncouple the tractor. No lifting. Won't fold it away until the leaf season is over.

    Very happy. Feel I made the right choice. Some things are worth paying extra for.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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