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    • Dec 3, 2017
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    Metromile Insurance

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    Long story short, Metromile was ready to settle the claim on my stolen car within three weeks from the date of the theft. My car was recovered while I was getting ready to sign the paperwork. The car was quickly towed to a body shop, evaluated, estimates sent, etc. Today, only 10 days from recovering my car, it was declared a total loss, and I am getting ready to sign the new paperwork.

    I do feel that my claims adjuster and I got off to a somewhat rocky start, but he has given excellent service in the last few weeks. He acted promptly at all stages of the process, and I especially appreciated being kept up-to-date on what was happening. I will be likely to use Metromile again, but I do think they need to do better at inter-department.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Nov 20, 2017


    I have been contacted by the claims adjuster, responding to my concerns and letting me know that my claim is being processed expeditiously. The absolutely most frustrating thing about dealing with customer service, true of Metro as well as most other companies, is that representatives usually have limited knowledge and they seldom have the ability to send the problem upward (I think "escalate" is the trending term) to someone with the knowledge and authority to handle it. Seems to me that a lot of problems could be solved by adding a few more upper-level employees to alleviate the frustrations and the complaints.

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    • Nov 16, 2017

    Not so fast, after all

    My car was stolen from my driveway on a Friday, twelve days ago. I filed my claim with the Metromile claims department the following morning. I received an email from the claims adjuster on Monday afternoon, nine days ago, asking for lots of documentation to be notarized and returned to him by regular mail. On Thursday, seven days ago, the claims adjuster received my notarized documentation, and on Friday, I spent over an hour on the phone giving him an oral report.

    Today, Tuesday, now eleven days after first calling Metromile to report my stolen car, I was informed by the claims adjuster that my claim wasn't really considered to be filed until I spoke with him on the phone at the time of my oral report, four days ago. I was told today that there is no way for him to predict, or even guess about, how long it will take to resolve my claim because each claim requires a different kind of investigation, and he doesn't work on weekends. I explained that I was using a borrowed car and I had a car payment due early in December that I couldn't afford to pay because I no longer had the car. The adjuster said my claim could take 2-3 weeks, or even more than a month to resolve because he is really busy.

    In the meantime, I have borrowed a friend's car, but I can't keep it much longer, and I can't replace my stolen one until the claim is settled. The rental coverage that Metromile allows is for thirty days maximum. I wonder what someone who has to use a rental will do when their thirty days is up, but their claim has not yet been resolved.

    When I signed on with Metromile early this year, I had read that there were several complaints about claims not being handled promptly. The representative I spoke to assured me that Metromile had switched to a new claims company and they were now processing all claims quickly and efficiently. I now see that I was foolish to have accepted that explanation.

    Because I only drive a few miles a week, Metromile's pay-by-the mile feature was its selling point. Now, I'm expecting that any money I thought I was going to save is going to be gone with the wind because of the way my claim is being handled.

    My claim is about a stolen car. I can't begin to imagine how inefficient and time-consuming it would be to try to resolve something more complicated like an accident with multiple issues and people that need to be addressed. I will be leaving Metromile as soon as my claim is settled.

    • Nov 17, 2017

      Company Response from Metromile Inc.

      Hi Sue, thanks for leaving your review. We are sorry to hear about your car, we know that is not a fun situation to deal with. We strive to provide the best support to our customers throughout the life of their policy, especially in the unfortunate event of a claim. We’re really disappointed to find out that this wasn’t the case for you. We can see that your adjuster reached out to you today to address these concerns. If you have any follow-up questions please feel free to reach back to your claim's adjuster so that we can address them. We truly value you as a customer and would be sad to see you go. Thank you for your feedback.

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