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    • Dec 12, 2017
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    Power Air Fryer Oven

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    Overall Experience:

    After further trials, I noticed a review on the hot bottom, yes it does get hot. I measured close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. On the exterior base after cooking at 400 degrees for 18 minutes. The countertop was about 150. I would recommend a fireproof, heat absorbing mat under the unit. Damage to surfaces may occur. It exhausts at the base and back of the unit. The book says keep back and sides clear by 5 inches. It should say bottom too.

    Cooking meat is a real mess. Splatter all inside, all over. Book recommends cleaning after each use. I would do so. Do not walk away from it when cooking.

    I'm not sure if the health benefits are outweighed by the risk of using this appliance. Get a PDF of the instructions and read before buying. Safety instructions are covered in the book, not in the promo video.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Dec 6, 2017

    Doesn't perform as advertised

    First, the racks don't have long enough rails to get them in easy. Rails for racks start deep in the unit, and the racks are rounded, so trying to get the racks to line up to the rails is your first challenge.

    The video shows dark browned food. I tried several times, and it's more of a tan browning. Home fries become dehydrated before they are fully cooked. Even frozen fries don't brown at their recommended time. I tried another 10 minutes and still not browned and mushy center in the fries. I've baked fries in a regular oven and they are better. Crisp, brown and done.

    The chef in the video says to walk away, but the book tells you to never leave it unattended. The book says chicken max 4 lbs on rotisserie or it will hit the top. I haven't tried the rotisserie or kabobs yet. If you use vegetable oil, it will become a sticky goo on the accessories and hard to clean off. Just like a deep fried goo.

    I am going to keep experimenting with it. So far I would say, use your conventional oven. Probably a good dehydrator though.

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