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    • Dec 6, 2017
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    Just say NO to Rover

    So very random but BEWARE because I just used to get a sitter and here's my experience. Just say no. I know this is long but y'all should be aware. Rover is ignorant once they are paid. They tried telling me their sitters are independent contractors, but the reality is I paid Rover and they took 20% of this job, so my contract is with them not the contractor. I warned them this would be posted.

    Dec 1, 1:40 AM PST

    I already called you when I was away based on what I was seeing through my home cameras. This first question to all sitters I did meet and greets with (8-10) was I needed someone to stay at the house. Xxxxx my sitter told me everything I wanted to hear and that she would only be gone on Thanksgiving for a few hours but the rest of the time she would be here 24/7. She wasn't and on many days she was gone for 6 - 8 hours. Additionally, these are issues I had with the stay:

    Xxxxx brought and unfamiliar dog into my home from 11/16 through 11/22. I am not sure if she was doing two jobs or this was her dog but while this dog was here my dogs got very little attention and were not fed or loved with regularity. There were 60 packets of food made so each dog could be fed once a day either fresh chicken or hot dogs. They were rarely fed and when they were in many cases there were given two packets to share for 3 dogs. There were way too many extras when I got home and there was no evidence that treats were ever given to them yet two full bags of treats are gone. Additionally, I know nothing about this other dog nor was I ever asked for permission to allow another dog into my home. Does this dog have flea and heartworm protection? My dogs do. Dogs especially in this area carry many illnesses, especially parvo and I don't want my dogs exposed unless I personally know the history. This dog also ate a LOT of my dogs food. I watched it and have video footage.

    I had two meet and greets with xxxxx to go over camera on the house, alarm system, etc. So there was no question she knew there was a living room camera. I have a problem that the first thing did after I was gone was to open and look into all of my living room closet doors. She used my coat by the door to go in and out. I probably wouldn't have noticed or minded except that I'm frustrated by the amount I paid to have my dogs ignored. I got only 2 Snapchats and one message with her holding one dog during the entire 12 days I was gone. She promised communication and there was none unless I saw something on the camera when I popped on every few days and called her.

    Additionally, upon leaving the house I handed xxxxx a $100 bill to be used for anything dog related or an emergency for my dogs. When I came home that $100 was gone. There was no emergency and when I texted her to ask her where the $100 was I got no response. She may have put it upon herself to make this her tip but after seeing the footage I would not ever tip her nor will I hire her or recommend her.

    I literally just watched 12 days of video camera footage to document all of these issues and I can produce tons of footage and or photos if necessary. They are all dated and time stamped by my cameras. I called you on the 26th but I didn't want to upset the apple cart too early because I didn't have a backup in place. I learned a very hard lesson here and spent a ton of money to do it.

    There were several times I called Xxxx while watching video footage and she would tell me she was loving on Jezebel. I could see clearly she wasn't. She was loving on the other dog she brought to my home. I explained to her when I left that the most needy dog was Delilah and that Gidget was easy. Delilah got pet once and so did Gidget. Jezebel the least needy got the most attention.

    I don't think she shouldn't get paid but it should be at a reduced rate and I most definitely should get the $100 she stole. That's a lot of money when she was already well paid. Additionally, on our first meeting she tried to have me move this from Rover and private pay her for the same price. No way but you should be aware that she is making other deals outside of Rover, which may be why there was another dog here during her NOT 24/7 service.

    I need to know that Rover will help with these issues and take action. I went through Rover because I had glowing reviews from friends on using Rover and now I have no respect for the service now. I also have a hard time understanding why ROVER knowing that I booked her for these dates would still show her as available on the day before I left, especially when I requested house sitting. If you think it's acceptable when I'm paying in full for 3 dogs per day over $75 per day for a house sitter, then there's a problem with the overall service. A VERY bad experience and a VERY expensive one.

    I tried to abbreviate this as much as possible but there's no easy way to tell all of the items that were just so wrong. If I do not get some satisfaction I will be posting this not only about my sitter but about ROVER in general.

    I will provide attachments when you request what you want to look at because I have clipped most of this behavior. There's just too many to attach to this initial email.

    One item I forgot to add was that when Xxxxc was out for these lengthy times Jezebel pulled the stuffing out of pillows because she was bored. I don't blame the dog. I blame the caretaker that promised to be here 24-7 and wasn't. Also even though I provided a thorough walk through of the dog bed requirements (where to sleep, how to keep them there), I was told that Delilah must have jumped down when I saw her roaming in the night. Delilah doesn't jump down she has leg issues a torn ACL and she won't jump down even when I'm here. She also said Jezebel kept knocking down the gate, totally untrue. The only time the gate was put up was when she (Xxxxx) was separating the dog she brought with her, from my dogs. This is another reason why I looked at the tape. Xxxxx never even tried to bed them the way I requested.

    Rover's canned response:

    George P. ( Support)

    Dec 1, 5:11 AM PST

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am so sorry to hear about your experience and I hope that Gidget, Delilah and Jezebel are doing well. I want to assure you that this is not the typical Rover experience and that we take situations like this very seriously. We expect a high level of care from all sitters and dog walkers on Rover, however it sounds like this experience fell short of these expectations.

    So that we can work towards a resolution, we’d like to find out more about what happened. Please confirm the following in a reply to this email:

    Do we have permission to share your experience with your sitter?

    What resolution would improve the situation for you?

    Is there any additional information or documentation of the stay?

    In our experience, some of the best resolutions come about when owners and sitters talk openly and work together. Depending on your response, we may share your response with your sitter or with other teams here at Rover so that we can help make right on this situation.

    Again, I’m sorry about this experience. We look forward to hearing from you and working toward a resolution with you soon.

    All the best,


    Rover Support

    My reply to canned response:

    Dec 1, 12:43 PM PST

    Okay George P. I've had enough. I completely told you what I wanted in my initial email. You want to come to my house and watch 12 days of video I'd be happy to show a Rover rep. I don't care who you share it with because I'm getting ready to share it online because your canned response is ridiculous! I want my $100 back and I want documentation for the uninvited dog in my house. I'd also like some of my money refunded for all of the days my dogs were alone for 7-8 hours. Do you not read? Someone better call me fast and stop this nonsense! You have answered none of my questions. As for me working it out with the sitter that's not going to happen. I already contacted her about my $100 and she didn't reply. My next call will be to Police department for a report and you will be involved because I don't have a last name. This is about to blow up in Rover's face.

    Rovers next response:

    Hannah M. ( Support)

    Dec 1, 3:04 PM PST

    Hi Donna,

    My name is Hannah and I work on the Resolutions Team here at Rover. I'm so sorry to hear about your booking with Xxxxx. I can completely understand your frustration. We expect a high level of professionalism from sitters on our platform, and it sounds like this stay missed the mark.

    I want to be as transparent as possible for our options moving forward.

    The Resolution Center is a resource we offer to owners as sitters are independent contractors within the site--that is to say, a refund would require their acknowledgment as they are the provider for the service requested (and the individual who received the payment for these services). Please know this is a thorough process, which entails an online chat with Xxxxx facilitated by a neutral third-party mediator and monitored by Rover support. We've seen the highest rate of mutually satisfying outcomes through this process.

    A second option we can offer is reaching out to Xxxxx on your behalf to see if she can speak to your concerns and to ask if she'd like to issue a refund. This gives Xxxxx an opportunity to take responsibility for the amount and quality of care she provided with these bookings, and utilize this feedback to navigate her business going forward to avoid similar concerns.

    The third option is that Rover can look into issuing you a refund from Rover. Please note we are a little more limited with this option in providing a full refund as the service-provider (the sitter) is not involved in this process. In addition, it would require a more thorough review of any and all evidence you could provide to support the claims around the lack of care. Then we could provide a partial refund in accordance with any Terms of Service violations.

    I also want to let you know that if you file a police report, we are committed to working with law enforcement officials should they reach out to us.

    Let me know how you'd like to proceed and we can go over next steps.

    No matter what you decide, our Sitter Team will conduct a thorough review of this incident and of Xxxx's behavior. We'll do a holistic review of Xxxxx's account, including her entire history on our platform. Results could range from heavy coaching around the concerns to removal from the platform. This is a confidential process, so I'm unable to share with you the actions taken in regard to Xxxxx's account, but please know that we take these situations very seriously and we're invested in preventing incidences like this. In order for us to be most effective in this process, we do need your explicit permission to share your concerns with Xxxxx. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, we'll honor that, but it does limit our ability to follow up with Xxxxxx.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    All the best,

    —Hannah M.

    Rover Support

    My last reply has not been responded to yet:


    At this point you have my explicit permission to share my observations with Xxxxx. My respect for her and Rover is gone. At this point I don't even care if I ever get a refund....and she should be very grateful for my decision. I care about resolution of these two items:

    I want the care record (or vet records) for the outside dog brought into my home including proof that the dog in question is up to date on all shots and receives monthly heartworm/flea/tick preventative and does not have parvo. I need assurance that my dogs were not exposed to something that I normally wouldn't expose them to. To me this is one of the worst violations of my home. She let this dog eat my dogs food and drink it's water. If that dog has parvo, my dogs can get infected. I know my neighbor well but I still don't let his dog inside of my house.

    I want my $100 cash back and I'd like to do it without law enforcement involvement. A tip is a gratuity for great service. I received not great service and that should be my option. At this poin Xxxxx has independently decided that I need to pay $100 more than the $961 I have already paid. I would prefer that Rover work this out. I think it's interesting that the instructions left for Xxxxx were not followed and that the $100 left for a doggie emergency was unilaterally deemed a tip by Xxxxx. She lied to to me from the beginning throughout the meet and greet process, so in the end I didn't get what I paid for and it was a very expensive lesson made more expensive by her assumption that another $100 was better in her pocket than being a professional dog sitter.

    Either way however this gets handled I want Rover reaching out as I NEVER want to see or speak to her again after watching the entire 12 days of video. That means your second option below. You'd be smart as a vendor to make sure this hurts going forward. You have all of the facts and I am researching a way to get all of the video to you so you can avoid this person as one of your "professional" sitter's. I will be posting my review of both Xxxxx and the suggestion that people defer altogether from Rover as you have added me the same protection (nothing) as if I hired someone off the street.

    In a few minutes I am going to send some of the snapshot photos I took of time stamps when she was gone as well as the 3rd party dog but I have to get to another device so it will be added on to here.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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