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    • Dec 11, 2017
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    I have high blood pressure and my doctor has me on three different medications. I saw the commercial for StrictionBP and liked how it was all natural and could lower my blood pressure without the other drugs. They offer you a trial period to allegedly try the product but they don't tell you the trial period starts the moment you put in your order. So by the time the pills get to you, you've already been billed for the next shipment. Well, I started taking it right away, two pills in the morning, and then two more at night. It hasn't done a thing to my blood pressure. Even with the medications, I'm on from my doctor my blood pressure is still ranging from 141/84 to 165/96.

    StrictionBP is a total waste of money and should not be considered for purchase. In the commercial, it said it could lower your blood pressure by up to 25 points. It hasn't done squat. Run away from this scam garbage.

    I called to tell them to cancel any further shipments since they've already charged me for a second bottle. The girl said "why do you wish to cancel" and I told her the product is garbage and doesn't work like it's advertised. So she says "if I offer you a bigger discount and throw in some other health products would you be interested?" I said, "maybe one of those products works on hearing, as I just told you it's garbage and doesn't do anything remotely close to what you advertise." Then she offered me a bigger discount.

    Bunch of scammers and all these fake pills. As long as you can call it a "dietary supplement" then you can make just about any claim you want.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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