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    • Dec 12, 2017
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    $10 down the drain!

    I purchased this from Fred Meyer (Kroger) last night. I never looked up any reviews and I had never heard about this exact one before, I just saw that it said "new and improved" on the packaging and that it was reasonably priced so I purchased it instead of spending the $40 on the Finishing Touch one I really wanted to buy. I should have just saved the $10!

    This is complete junk. Yet another bad purchase to add to our junk drawer. I tried using it on my upper lip and noticed that NONE of the hairs were removed after an HOUR of trying to get it to work. I figured maybe the hair there was too thin or too short and attempted to try it on my arm, leg, eyebrow, and bikini area. I don't know why I continued to try on each area, but I was determined to find some use for it instead of admitting that I wasted my money. After HOURS of attempts, it seemed like none of the hairs I was attempting to remove were removed. I opened the chamber just to be sure and I was wrong, it had removed ONE hair through all of that. Yes, ONE hair! How ridiculous!

    This has got to be some sort of scam. Otherwise, how dumb were the people who released this product?! Do not waste your money and definitely do not waste your time. If you see it on clearance or marked down on a really good sale, PASS ON BY! I wouldn't waste a quarter on this thing, let alone ten bucks!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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