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    • Dec 31, 2017
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    TV Frog

    Ships by cargo-ship, so very long wait! But works.

    I paid US funds thinking it was a US product, but no. The tracking info shows it left the port in Singapore, Hong Kong after a few days! So it took nearly 3 months to get to Canada. Then 2 days to get to Toronto when it finally arrived. Perhaps a low level of air-mail option might help this company with a lot of the complaints?

    Now, I know nothing about android, Kodi, Netflix, etc., but I can DL full TV series from the net to a USB stick to watch on my massive smart TV. So I plug it all in, swap the TV to the correct HDMI port, and "walla!" The frog is up and running! Over the next 10 minutes, it is updating some stuff, we get the GMT time set, and many apps are preloaded and like Google, Gmail, web browser, others all working (annoying with mouse only, now looking for a wireless keyboard).

    Kodi didn't completely work, however (the main thing I wanted out of this)! My techy friend noticed right away that Kodi was v16.x and should be a v17.x. Looking online he found a tutorial to help with using the Frog's Google/web browser to download the latest versions of Kodi (and even more apps from Google Play), then uninstall the old and reinstall the new versions. Then another app inside the Frog when chosen noticed several more of the Frog's apps are out of date and asked to allow the updates. I have now given Kodi the add-ons I want, and am now watching all the shows that are NOT on my TMN/HBO package, or TV on Demand that seems to hold episodes for a few weeks only.

    Note. There is no "off" button? So I leave it plugged in and reset it if I need too. So a "switch" or "reset" button would be nice! Also, many are complaining about the mouse quitting? It's a wireless mouse, and to save the battery it auto shuts off, so simply push the center button behind the wheel to activate it again! It is very cheaply made, but it does work fine.

    I would recommend this only to those techy enough to set-up and update their own computers and swap viewing modes on their TV, as that's required after the "plug'n'play."

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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