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    • Jan 17, 2018
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    Not worth it

    Overall Experience:

    Here's the thing about NatureBox.

    I've been a customer and subscriber for one, maybe almost two years, and don't plan on unsubscribing any time soon. Would I recommend this service to anyone?

    No. God, no.

    The problem isn't so much with the snacks themselves (there's a good selection, they're relatively health-conscious, and the quality is all there).

    No, the problem is with NatureBox itself as a company. So many times I've had to contact customer service about forgotten goods, missing packages, late shipping (in one instance, they completely lost my entire order).

    Expedited shipping is a joke as well. I have twice made the mistake of purchasing two-day shipping. Don't do it, folks. It truly comes across as if they just don't have the manpower to actually carry through the shipping demand. They make the shipping label, then five days pass until they ship it out, then another two days until it reaches you (FedEx usually holds up their end, thank God), and then you learn that they only shipped three items out of the eight that you purchased, and it'll be another few days before they ship those, and then ANOTHER two days until it arrives.

    Maybe just don't advertise two-day shipping, eh NatureBox?

    Now the silver lining is that customer service is absolutely amazing. Impeccable. Five stars. Seriously, the people there are godsends, most likely because they constantly have to deal with the unending mistakes of whoever is shipping out this stuff. I view them as completely separate, benevolent entities from NatureBox as a whole.

    So that being said, if being in constant contact with customer service is your jam, or, you know, if you're a disabled person like me and are unable to make regular trips to the grocery store and rely on services like these so you don't starve by the end of the month, OR if you just love confusion and suffering, then go for it. Otherwise?

    Stick with the grocery stores.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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