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    • Jan 17, 2018
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    Roto Sweep

    Worst product I’ve ever received

    I have never ever been so disappointed in a product called Roto Sweep. It looked good on the TV, but when I got mine and opened it up, lo and behold, I received two (when I only ordered one), which meant I paid all the extra processing and handling for the second one. Plus the sweep away crumb for each one was an additional $7.95, all together for my total of one that I thought I had ordered I spent $73.78 because I was sent two and had only ordered one.

    First off, the sweep away crumbs is a big joke. It does not even stay closed for you to do any kind of work on your furniture. It’s very, very, very poorly and cheaply made, so that was a waste of $7.95 times two, plus processing and handling. What a waste of good money. And I tried the actual Roto Sweeper in one room and noticed when I pulled the sweeper up it was full of hair and dust (as I thought these were meant for those who owned pets) all over it already, and several of the bristles were already bent up!

    I immediately got on the phone to call for a refund and got the big runaround to where it’s going to cost me even more money now to return (because now I hear return is also on my dime). To return this piece of crap equipment, I can’t believe they're taking hard-earned money from people, and with a 100% guarantee satisfaction (which is baloney), because this is the worst product I have EVER received in my life, and I am very disappointed and will never shop with them again. And I will make sure everybody knows to not order anything from this company ever again. I just spent $73.78 of my money for a product that immediately is garbage and that actually sucks big-time!

    After paying previous $33.80 for shipping and handling for which I only ordered one (but got two, plus all the additional costs), plus now I hear I have to pay to send it back, you pay more in shipping and handling and sending it back than the actual cost of the product. That makes no sense. VERY bad. I do not recommend this to anybody. Save your money, folks, it’s so not worth it, and they do not 100% guarantee the money you spent; there’s always a catch everywhere. Only two words: BUYER BEWARE. Don’t order it!

    Sincerely, a VERY dissatisfied customer. And thanks for taking me for my money. I don’t even want to rate this a one star, but I have to because it will not let you submit until you rate one through five.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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