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    • Jan 29, 2018
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    An inconsistent product even with following company recommendations.

    Review Summary: I cannot recommend purchasing this litter box. I spent three weeks with these litter boxes while following the instructions on Luuup’s official website to the letter and going through three of their recommended litters in an attempt to address my problems with the Luuup. To stay within their “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee,” I decided it was time to cut my losses after having little success getting the Luuup to live up to its promises as an easy to clean and economical litter box.

    I will note that because of buying from Luuup directly I will be out of pocket a minimum of $111.51, after refund, for returning the product because I didn’t get the results stated by their internet advertisements or their website. I’ll break down those costs at the end of the review but (spoiler alert) Luuup’s direct return processes are financially hostile to the customers to the point where I can see most customers not being able to afford to return their product if bought from Luuup.com. If by the end of this review you decide to try the litter box, please buy it from Amazon directly to ensure a much better, and less costly, return experience.

    Starting with Luuup’s statement that cleaning their litter box “…takes seconds. Say goodbye to scoops and liners,” and my experience with that promise. I cleaned the litter box twice a day (on average) and timed how long it took me to sift the top pan, vacuum all of the litter knocked out of the pan, and all the scooping (which I was told I would be saying goodbye to) I had to do to get urine clumps off the side of the pan and out of the slots at the bottom. That last step often required pushing toilet paper through each slot with the pan over the toilet to get all the urine clumps out. The primary problem I have here is that Luuup literally states on their website, word for word, that the litter box is “non-stick.” At best this appears to be inaccurate and at worst, false advertising.

    Each cleaning took around 6 minutes from start to finish, on average. To compare - the average daily cleaning of my Purina Breeze litter box took 10-15 seconds to clean the odd stray litter pellet. Not only did I not “say goodbye” to my scooper but I had to “say hello” to my dust buster more often than I’d have liked to. This experience was the same with both “World’s Best Cat Litter” and Arm & Hammer Slide.

    The only exception to this cleaning process was when I used a high absorption crystal-based litter (Fresh Step Litter Crystals). This eliminated the problem of the urine clumps I had to clean out of the slots and sides, but if my cats urinated too much in a single spot while I was gone, I would find some liquid urine pooled and seeping through the slots. None made it to the floor (as I’ve seen with other reviews) but it still resulted in cleaning the top two layers of the pan down with a wipe to clean up the excess urine.

    Next, Luuup’s website states that I’ll “save big on litter!” But, after three weeks I had not seen that in comparison with my Breeze litter boxes. A Luuup litter box requires a whole 15 lbs of clumping littler of 8 lbs of crystal-based litter to work correctly. If you follow their recommendations, both types of litter cost somewhere on average of $13-$17 (based on my local Washington prices) to fill a Luuup to the recommended depth. To maintain those litter depths you’ll need to keep an extra bag of litter on hand as it will drop by about an inch a week (or more depending on how much urine is generated by your cat(s)) if you have multiple cats, which leads to another $13-$17 per month purchase. Letting the litter run low could result in urine not being caught.

    This doesn’t add up to a significant savings compared to other sifting litter boxes as it’ll average somewhere around $26-$30 a month per box. It’s significantly more than what I pay to maintain a Breeze Litter Box where the pellets can last two months (even with three cats) with some simple cleaning/freshening of the pellets themselves. Amazon Basics now sells bulk packs of the urine pads for an even lower price than the official Breeze pads. The average monthly price to maintain the Breeze Litter box is now around $10-$13.

    After 3 weeks of not seeing any of the benefits stated on their website or on the various internet advertisements I had seen leading up to my purchase, I decided to return it under their 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on the principle that I was not satisfied. This has currently left me even more unsatisfied and out $111.51 at minimum after the refund from Luuup. This will likely end up being more as Luuup charges at 15% restocking fee against the order for their “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee” if any of the litter boxes have been used, even if it’s just one of them. They also will not refund the original shipping costs, and you are required to pay for shipping to their returns department out in Tennessee (if you’re US based), which will likely be further than the warehouse they originally shipped from. For me, that was $23.84 for the original shipping to me and $87.67 to ship three boxes back to them at the lowest possible shipping rate available to me.

    My personal experience has been that most online companies that stand fully by their product will “eat” the costs of a return for a dissatisfied customer knowing that returns will be minimal on a quality product in the grand scheme of things. This doesn’t appear to be the case of Luuup as even this lackluster “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee” was a recent addition and older reviews across the internet state that previously there were no refunds, period.

    Conclusion: When customers who follow the instructions and recommendations from a company on how to use their product get incredibly mixed results, it is probably not a very good product. You can search across Amazon and see that products that get consistently better results are getting 4+ stars while the Luuup (as of this writing) is struggling to maintain 2.5 stars even with support actively working reviews. I personally cannot recommend the Luuup litter box to anyone given my experiences captured in this review.

    If you do insist on giving this litter box a try (as there are some glowing reviews out there), then you should protect yourself by buying it through Amazon and benefiting from the customer-friendly return process Amazon maintains. You may pay a few dollars more going this route but if you end up as unhappy as I have then you’ll still end up recovering most, if not all, of your money if you end up returning your Luuup.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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