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    • Feb 5, 2018
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    Miracle Teeth Whitener

    Remaining hopeful

    I'm only writing this review because I'm frustrated by the article and the three other negative reviews here, all of which paint a negative picture of the product, while (especially in the case of the reviews) not giving enough details, particularly regarding whether it actually works, to make it clear as to why it sucks.

    I've only used it 3 times since purchasing it about a week ago, and while I can see its huge potential for causing permanent stains pretty much anywhere it touched, especially if not cleaned up quickly, even being a fairly messy person, I've found it very easy to prevent damaging anything simply by not being careless with it and by being quick and conscientious about cleaning up after using.

    Even though it's not meant to replace toothpaste, I notice that my teeth feel cleaner than usual after using it, and not because I've been brushing for so long because one time I was in a hurry and only brushed for a few seconds.

    As for the whitening, I just wish I'd taken a before picture of my teeth because both my boyfriend and I agree that though there is a visible improvement, the difference is only slightly noticeable, and I'd really like to be able to have something to look at that I could compare my progress to.

    In all, it does seem to be working, and after really looking into its ingredients, I feel really good about how much more natural and less damaging to my health it is than most other whitening products. I hope that it continues to whiten, and even though it's not the instant, amazing results provider I've seen ads claiming it to be, I'm willing to go the slow and steady route with it as there's enough powder in that little jar for at least a couple months worth of brushing, which, to me, adds up to it being well worth the money compared to the other whitening products I've purchased. B+.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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