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    • Feb 15, 2018
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    So far, so good!

    I'll start at the beginning. Three years ago I developed what seemed like a dairy allergy, connected to consumption of my favorite frequented food; pizza. Over the years this has developed into a rash resembling eczema at times, always paired with intense itching, particularly on my arms and legs.

    Despite a slew of probiotics, exercise, and dietary adjustments, I couldn't seem to free myself from the grasp of this rash. At times it would diminish, but only for a day or two at most. Three doctor appointments later followed by a series of labs I've been deemed fit as a fiddle with only mild signs of inflammation in the blood results.

    Internally, I have always been a wreck. GERD, constant gas and belching, etc. After some reading and exploring, I stumbled across "leaky gut syndrome" and instantly the last three years of my life began to make perfect sense. Every condition prior sounded similar to what I was going through, but none covered the entire scope of my experience.

    I'm scheduled to see a GI doctor, but I'm impatiently taking matters into my own hands. Step one involved tightening up my diet and eating smaller, more frequent meals. 8oz servings of bone broth morning and evening were also added to my diet, as bone broth is rich in collagen and other nutrients known to repair the gut lining. Step two added apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) to my daily meal routine as I've suspected low stomach acid to be likely. At step three I've found myself eyeing some potentially useful supplements; Restore, Betaine HCL, and L-glutamine, to name a few.

    I started with Restore, and one week into it I'm already blown away by the positive side-effect-free results. The first meal after administering Restore was followed by...nothing! No gas, no gerd, no bloating; it was as if I suddenly couldn't feel my insides anymore. The next day, I suddenly got a runny nose and since that day I've been able to breathe clearly through both nostrils; something I haven't been able to do regularly in years. My rash has reduced by about 25%, something which never happened before without applying a prescription eczema ointment.

    Ultimately, Restore is not something everyone may benefit from, but if you're like me and your issues seemed linked to the mysterious leaky gut, then you owe yourself at least one bottle of this supplement. I'm nowhere near out of the woods with this condition, but I will continue using Restore while adding betaine HCL and a few other leaky gut supplements and would love to report back in three months with any updates.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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